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Home Gossip Sanjeev Kapoor is Living Happily With his Wife Alyona Kapoor and Children

Sanjeev Kapoor is Living Happily With his Wife Alyona Kapoor and Children

Himadri Hamal Wed Dec, 2017
Sanjeev Kapoor is Living Happily With his Wife Alyona Kapoor and Children

Indian celebrity chef, owner of numerous restaurants worldwide, and the host of popular cook show Khana KhazanaSanjeev Kapoor might not be as popular in the world of cookery as Ben Robinson and Matt Preston or have the net worth to match fellow celebrity chef and TV show host  Andrew Zimmern, but he is probably the most popular Indian chef around.

But although people see the 53-year-old celebrity chef on a daily basis on TV, few know that Sanjeev has been married to his loving wife Alyona Kapoor for quite sometime now.

Together, they have been able to prove the entire world that Sanjeev is not just a man with magical hands but also has a magical heart: a perfect family man who cares about his wife and children. 

To know the detail about their personal life, keep scrolling down:

Cookery show host Sanjeev Kapoor, and his better half Alyona Kapoor.

Sanjeev Kapoor and Alyona Kapoor are meant to be together. In fact, there were destined to spend their whole journey together. Don't you guys wanna know how did this ideal couple come to meet? 

Sanjeev Kapoor met his wife through his sister-in-law

Sanjeev must be very thankful to his sister-in-law Vandana, who is also supposed to have been his colleague. You know why should he thank her? It's because Vandana is the one who acted as the mediator behind Sanjeev and his future wife before their marriage.

Khana Khazana cookery show host Sanjeev Kapoor and Alyona Kapoor have 2 daughters.

Sanjeev Kapoor feels lucky to have Alyona as his wife

Source: 7000 Recipes

As Sanjeev and Vandana were a co-worker at the ITC Hotel in Delhi, coincidently, at that very time, Alyona was also working nearby and then on her vacation she decided to come to Vandana's house, where they first met.   

 Sanjeev met his wife on the train for the first time: Since then Sanjeev Kapoor's romance with his wife start to begin 

While Alyona's visit to Vandana's home, she happened to meet Sanjeev for the first time in the same train. And from that day onwards, Sanjeev started falling for Alyona. Since that day, Sanjeev and Alyona, his future wife, drew closer to each other and started having an affair.

Sanjeev Kapoor had a love marriage and is currently living happily with his wife Alyona.

Sanjeev Kapoor did love marriage and is currently living happily with his wife

Source: The Times Of India Photo Gallery

Well, nobody can deny the fact that Sanjeev and Alyona were destined to be together. Currently, they are happy parents with two daughters and their togetherness makes an ideal family. 

Sanjeev Kumar is blessed with two adorable children: He has two daughters

After marriage, Sanjeev along with his wife are blessed with two children. Sanjeev takes his children as his lucky charm. Sanjeev has two daughters and he has given really a lovely name to his kids.  The elder daughter is Rachita and the younger one is named Kriti.


Both of the Sanjeev's children names imply creation.Sanjeev want is children to become a creative person in any field. They got their pending cheques when their daughters were born. So, Sanjeev always calls his children as goddesses of money (LAXMI IN HINDU RELIGION).

Sanjeev Kapoor's wife considers herself as privileged wife:

There's so much glitz, glamour, and fame that surround celebrities that we rarely ever stop to think about the people who made them who they are.   

Alyona Kapoor considers herself as a fortunate wife to have a Sanjeev Kapoor as her life partner who cooks so well. Actually, it's every wives dream come true to eat food that is cooked by her better half. Correct us if we are wrong.


Alyona Kapoor is a stress-free wife. Unlike other wives, for Alyona, there is no any stress of food preparation during parties almost every day. The most interesting thing is that Sanjeev loves cooking whenever any guests visit his house.At very moment Alyona really feels relaxed.