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Home Gossip Samantha Speno And Her Former Husband Randy Orton Still In Touch With Each Other Despite Divorce

Samantha Speno And Her Former Husband Randy Orton Still In Touch With Each Other Despite Divorce

Ashmita Karki Tue Aug, 2016
Samantha Speno And Her Former Husband Randy Orton Still In Touch With Each Other Despite Divorce

If you are into WWE wrestling, you surely already know a lot about Randy Orton. But today, we are here to discuss the side of his life that isn't as well known as his career. Did you know he has already been divorced once?  Samantha Speno is Randy’s former wife. It has already been 3 years of their divorce but this couple is still in touch with one another.

Besides, Randy has also been a few other romantic relationships. Well, here we are going to talk about his unsuccessful relationship with his former wife Samantha, the reason behind their divorce, his wedding with his current spouse Kim Marie Kessler and his children.


According to sources, Randy and Samantha met in a bar for the first time and started dating. They later decided to change their love affair into marriage and got engaged in 2005.

They married on 21 September 2007.

CAPTION: Randy Orton and ex-wife Samantha Speno with their daughter SOURCE: ecelebgossip

Talking about Randy and Samantha’s children, they were blessed with an angelic baby girl within a year of their wedding. They named her Alanna Marie Orton.


Even though Randy and Samantha’s marriage seemed to be going good, they got divorced on 20 June 2013 and the reason behind it is said to be "irretrievably broken marriage".

CAPTION: Randy Orton and ex-wife Samantha Speno SOURCE: Tumbler

The strange thing about this couple’s separation is that they are still amazing friends. Their divorce settled on good terms without many controversies.

She got a house, $99,000 engagement ring and around $645,000 in her bank account from her former husband. Samantha got her daughter’s custody and Randy was allowed to visit her whenever he wanted to.


Honestly, we know that broken marriage hurts badly but we believe that Randy and Samantha’s friendship is not because they still have feelings for each other. It is for her daughter Alanna. 

CAPTION: Randy Orton with her daughter from ex-wife SOURCE: Tumbler

We think that both the parents have decided not to hamper her daughter’s life in any way due to their divorce.

Watch a fan-made video:


If you are a fan of Randy and Samantha and you want to see them get back together then we are really sorry to say that this will never come true. We are not saying this out of assumption.

We said that because, in November 2015, Orton married Kim Marie. Ever since that day, Orton and his second wife are doing really well in their relationship. Recently, Kim Marie was seen posting a baby bump on her Twitter account, confessing that she feels blessed to be with Randy and they are expecting a baby girl really soon.


We wish a very happy life to Randy and Kim but seriously wish that their new baby won’t hamper Randy Orton and Samantha Speno’s friendship.

More about Samantha Speno:
Samantha Speno was born on 11 January 1982. She is a very hard working woman. Even after her separation from Randy, she is doing well in her business. Formerly, she used to work as a gym instructor but currently, she works as a makeup artist. 23-year-old Samantha has her own jewelry line called ‘Rocks and Stars’. 


Who is Randy Orton Married to Currently?

Randy is currently married to his second wife Kim Marie.

Who is Randy Orton's first wife?

His first wife's name is Samantha Speno. They got married on 21 September 2007.