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Sam Milby Biography

Sam Milby

Facts of Sam Milby

Date of Birth: 1984 , May-23
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inch

Quick Timeline of Sam Milby

1984 Sam Milby was born
2005 Returned to pursue his career.
2005 Joined Pinoy Big Brother
2006 First self-titled debut
2007 Conducted two concerts
2013 Joined the PETA campaign .
2016 Sam is with Mari Jasmine
2017 Already planned for 2017

Detail Timeline of Sam Milby

May 23 , 1984

Sam Milby was born

Sam Milby was born as the youngest child to Mr .Lloyd William Milby and Mrs. Elsie Ronquillo Lacia .He was born on May 23 , 1984 in Troy , Ohio , United States .At the age of 9 he llived and was trained by his coach for ice-skating . 


Returned to pursue his career.

Sam Milby returned to Philippines in 2005 when he was 21 years old to start his career in show business and modelling . As a beginner he landed in minor roles . Later achieved his first major tv ad in "Close Up" .


Joined Pinoy Big Brother

In 2005 , Sam Milby landed in season 1 in Pinoy Big Brother . Pinoy Big Brother which is a Tv show which features 12 men and women from different walks of life . Sam was not the first contestant , he was replaced when one of the contestat left . He came to that show on day 3 .


First self-titled debut

Sam Milby in 2006 released a slef-titled debut song "Sam Milby". This album was released on June 8 and was recorded frm star records . In the album there were three songs titled Close to you , This I swear and I've falle in love . 


Conducted two concerts

In 2007 , Sam did a concert titled "Heartthrobs" on Feburary 2 and 3 . The concert was conducted two times because of his success the first time . Second time the concert was conducted in March 17, 2007 where his fans again attended the show the second time .


Joined the PETA campaign .

PETA known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals  which is an American animal rights organization based in Virgina. He joind the only captive elephant in Philippines and have her transferred to Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand .


Sam is with Mari Jasmine

Sam Milby is with Tv anchor Mari Jasmine . He is in relationship after 6 years but he does not regret it as he has learn about himself more . He tells the media he is keeping is affair private even though there are seen at places time and again .


Already planned for 2017

Sam is working in Written in Our Stars which is an upcoming Philippine romantic fantansy drama television series . Sam is has a role of David in the series and is in the lead role .  It is directed by Andoy Ranay .


Sam Milby , age 23 was born in Troy , ohio . At the age of 9 he was trained for ice-skating . He lived and was trained by his ice-skating coach .

In 2005 , he returned to his home land where he though of starting his career in show business and modelling .As every beginner he landed in minor roles before achieving a major role .His first major tv ad was in Close Up's Tv commercial .

In 2005 , Sam joined Pinoy Big Brother in Day 3 as he the replacement of one of the participant in Season 1 .

In 2016 , Sam got into a relationship after about Six years . He mentioned that he has no regrets that he did not have an affair for six years . In addition to that he adds that he was quite happy because he learnt about himself more .

Now that his girlfriend is  Tv host Mari Jasmine , they have kept their relationship private . He says that he is happy with Mari because they are willing to do anything to make their relationship work .

Sam Milby nationality is Flipino Americans and his ethnicity is English , German , Irish(father) and Filipino , Boholano (mother ) . Sam is keeping his personal life private , so he has not revealed his net worth .

Sam's agent are Star magic from 2005 to present and Cornerstone Talent Management which is his present agent.

In 2006 , he released his first slef-titled debut album . He also did a concert in Feb 2 and 3 , 2007 which was repeated in March 17, 2007 .

In 2013 , he joined the PETA campaign to remove Mali , and transfer her to Thailand .

Sam started his career in 2005 and has alraedy palnned for 2017 , which is a tv show , written in our stars where he is has a role of David wher his newtork is ABS-CBN .

Milby has also done various movies . His first debut movie was in 2006 , Close to you and You are the one .His latest movies in 2016 are Camp Sawi and The Third Party .

He has been nominated and given awards form 2006 to 2012 . He was won the nomination 16 times .