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Home Gossip Sade Baderinwa had affair with Martin O'Malley but is single now as she has no boyfriend or husband

Sade Baderinwa had affair with Martin O'Malley but is single now as she has no boyfriend or husband

Rabina Koirala Sun Aug, 2016
Sade Baderinwa had affair with Martin O'Malley but is single now as she has no boyfriend or husband

US TV networks have been known to hire the best looking and well-spoken personalities for news casting. WABC-TV is the flagship station of the ABC television network. The network has some pretty faces with pretty sharp minds too. Adhering to this rule is Sade Baderinwa, the co-host of Eyewitness News. 47-year-old Sade has had a successful career, but her personal life is a bit more interesting than what meets the eyes.



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Having a boyfriend is normal. And for a beauty such as Sade Baderinwa, it wouldn’t surprise anyone that she used to have an affair with someone. But it will definitely come as a surprise when that ‘someone’ is a husband of someone else.

Back in 2004, Sade Baderinwa was the topic of a gossip headline. Sade was supposedly having an affair with the then-Mayor of Baltimore, Martin O’Malley.

O’Malley, at the time, had already been married to Katie Curran for 14 years and had four children with her. O’Malley’s wife is a District Court judge.

Image: Martin O'Malley with his wife Katie and four children

What does a wife do when she finds out about her husband’s extra-marital affair? ‘File for a divorce’ would probably be the most common guess.

But Judge Katie Curran was not giving up her husband to another woman. Sade Baderinwa was almost killed in a hit and run accident while she was reporting in July 2004. The accident was supposedly a threat to Sade. Sade was to keep quiet about her affair with the then-Mayor of Baltimore. The accident and death threat was allegedly the plan of Katie Curren, the betrayed wife.

No allegations have been admitted by any source, but the rumors cannot be 100% false because there can’t be smoke without a fire.



The accident left Sade in a great distress. It was even rumored that Sade was pregnant with O’Malley’s child when she was in that accident. The accident supposedly led to a miscarriage for Sade. The bereavement of her unborn child was said to have depressed Sade much more than her physical pain and ordeal.

Talking about her accident, Sade said, "I had a fracture of the arm. I had my knee completely rebuilt and I had some other injuries that I don't want to go into. It was a serious accident -- life-altering, I would say."


Sade said her recovery was excruciating. She had to learn to walk again. She also struggled for long to use her left arm, which is now held together by a metal rod.

The injuries that she “didn’t want to go into” most probably refers to the miscarriage. And maybe it is because of that heartbreak, she is single till today.


The heartbreak from her first serious affair was a little too much for Sade Baderinwa to cope with. After the alleged O’Malley affair, Sade has never been linked to anyone.

She has not been seen with anyone and her marriage seems to be very much out of any possibility. Her Twitter and Instagram feeds are filled with work related stuff and her charity works only. She hardly reveals anything about her personal life.