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Home Gossip Ryan Newman dating Jack Griffo. Know about her affairs and dating history

Ryan Newman dating Jack Griffo. Know about her affairs and dating history

Dilip Adhikari Tue Feb, 2017
Ryan Newman dating Jack Griffo. Know about her affairs and dating history

Remember Hannah Montana? One of the Disney channel's most seen show, the show that gave a start for the many celebs. Ryan Newman played the young Miley Cyrus (Daughter of  Tish Cyrus ) in some episodes. Later in 2006, Ryan got lead roles in the movies Monster House and Zoom.

Ryan Newman was born to act, well, that's what most of the people say. Since Ryan was first seen in a gig where she starred in a commercial for Kraft Cheese. Before moving into TV and movies, Ryan had countless commercials and print ads. That is enough with her introduction, now it's time to know about her dating life with Jack Griffo.

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Ryan Newman dating boyfriend Jack Griffo

Ryan and Jack Griffo were a couple but the couple now has broken up after dating for three long years. We are not just saying it to gain your attention but it's a fact. The fact about it can be seen on their Instagram where they still have photos of each other on their accounts, but Jack has stopped following Ryan whereas Ryan is still following Jack.

Ryan Newman and Jack Griffo

Ryan Newman and Jack Griffo


Here are some of their Instagram photos.


Best date to the best wedding :)

A photo posted by Ryan Whitney Newman (@ryrynewman) on

Instagram post of Ryan Newman with Jack Griffo


A photo posted by Ryan Whitney Newman (@ryrynewman) on


The two young stars got the chance to work together on Nickelodeon series The Thundermans and started dating in the summer of 2013.

Ryan Newman relationships

Ryan Newman and Ryan Ochoa were dating each other in 2009, but the relationship between them did not last for long and they broke up. After the break up she stayed single for a year and then met Steven Perry and their love relation also only lasted for few years. But, Steven Perry and Ryan Newman are still friends.

Check out the Instagram post.

Ryan Newman wishing Steven Perry Happy Birthday.


In summer of 2013, she started dating Jack Griffo but after the relationship of 3 years they broke up and the new of their break up is on top.

Sharknado 3 Star Ryan Newman Talks Working with Real-Life Boyfriend Jack Griffo

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Is Ryan Newman single?

After reading about her relationships and dating history, we have come to know that she is currently single. Sounds like a good news right? All the guy who is reading this right now must be saying "Hell ya" and have started dreaming about her. If that's the case then you can find her at an event. Check out her tweet.

So how many of you are going there? The point is that, if want to catch her, then keep in touch with her and keep following her, who knows you might turn lucky. And there is one more thing you should know about her, she loves to dance, as a proof check out her tweet below.


Ryan Newman

Ryan Newman


So do you believe us now? Ok, that's all for today. For more updates and to know more about your favorite celebs keep checking Thank you for your time.