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Home Gossip Ryan Higa To Nigahiga: This Youtube Star, A Man With Million Dollar Networth At Very Young Age

Ryan Higa To Nigahiga: This Youtube Star, A Man With Million Dollar Networth At Very Young Age

Ashmita Karki Sun Mar, 2017
Ryan Higa To Nigahiga: This Youtube Star, A Man With Million Dollar Networth At Very Young Age

Gone are the days when new comedians used to stand up to crack jokes and make people laugh. This generation’s comics don’t even have to get out of their bedrooms and they make people laugh eventually adding dollars on their bank accounts. Yes, we’re talking about YouTube low budget vlogger Ryan Higa who is most widely known as Nigahiga.

Higa has been successful in making six-figure sums through YouTube. His estimated net worth is $2 million. With around one billion channel views and 10 million subscribers, Higa makes a lot of money annually.

Ryan Higa vacation posts

Apart from being so busy with his vlogs, Higa seems to be a very outgoing person. His Instagram account is filled with amazing photos. A few months ago, he spent his vacation in Hawaii. Higa seemed to have an amazing time in Hawaii as he mentioned that he missed the place just after a couple of weeks.


Some pictures just don't require any filters... this is not one of them. #filtersgalore #hawaii

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On his another post he is seen enjoying a rooftop swimming with a friend in Singapore.


#throwback jus cus I'm missing SG! Need to make another trip out.

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Ryan Higa car

Higa’s style is also exceptional. We must admit that he has a great choice when it comes to choosing a car as he owns a shiny modified blue car with jaw-dropping rims. It looks really expensive.


I am such the savage with no chill. #guhguhguhgheeeeeeeeyyyyy

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Ryan Higa successful career

Although Higa is born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii, he chose to move out of his hometown to pursue his career. He attended the UNLV in Las Vegas where he studied filmmaking. 

?Image: Ryan Higa

Image: Ryan Higa

Source: Forbes

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Higa started his YouTube channel for the first time in 2006 with the help of a friend named Sean Fujiyoshi. The pair posted videos mostly of song lip sync back then. At present, we can only see Higa and other successful YouTube star as his guest. However, the Yabo crew is often seen making appearances on his videos.

Higa created a second channel named HigaTV in 2011 where he posts behind the scene videos most of the time. It already has 4.7 million subscribers. Check out one of the videos of Higa!

Video: How to be a ninja by Ryan Higa

Higa has also put his hand in the film sector. He created his first feature-length movie named ‘Ryan and Sean’s Not So Excellent Adventure’ with the help of producer Richard Van Vleet.

It was released on 14th November 2008. Other movies created by Higa are ‘Ninja Melk’ and ‘Agents of Secret Stuff’. Besides, he has also appeared in 2016’s horror film ‘Tell Me How I Die’.

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Looking at Higa’s hard work we can say that his $2 million net worth isn’t inherited. His skills, talents, hard work, dedication and passion made him reach up to where he is today at such a young age. He truly is an inspiration to all youths worldwide. Best of luck to this talented man!