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Home Gossip Rutledge Wood and Rachel Wood Married Life: Are They Happy In Their Relationship? Details

Rutledge Wood and Rachel Wood Married Life: Are They Happy In Their Relationship? Details

Sabina Gartaula Sun Dec, 2017
Rutledge Wood and Rachel Wood Married Life: Are They Happy In Their Relationship? Details

Rutledge Wood is an American auto racing analyst for NBC. He is best known as one of the hosts on Top Gear that aired on History. He hosts the show which premiered on 21st Nov 2010 alongside Tanner Foust and Adam Gear. Moreover, he is best known for starring on NASCAR RaceDay that aired on Fox Sports 1 alongside Chris Myers, Jeff Hammond, and Michael Waltrip

In May 2015, he started hosting a show called Lost in Transmission. In the show, the 37-year-old drives around in Georgia with his friend and fixes some classic cars. He also won the Long Beach Toyota Celebrity Race in 2013. He competed on the course with Adam Carolla, an American comedian. 

Rutledge Wood

Rutledge Wood

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Here we are going to talk about the man's personal life and his children. Continue reading to know more. 

Rutledge Wood married to wife Rachel Wood, Know about their married life 

Rutledge Wood is currently married to his wife, Rachel Wood. The exact date of their wedding is unknown, and the information about how long they have been together is also not specified. 

However, we can assure you that the man is madly in love with Rachel. Many might assume that Wood's first love is cars and all he might think about it related to it. But through his Instagram, it can be seen that he loves his wife a lot and his family is certainly his priority. 

The man can be seen posting some lovely pictures of himself and his wife on social media with some heart-melting messages. 

Some years back, he posted a lovely collage featuring his wife and daughter on her birthday. In the caption, he shared how much he loves her wife and also wished her a Happy Birthday. 

It seems Rutledge loves flaunting his wife on social media. 

We assume that Rachel also shares her love for her husband on her Instagram, but we are not sure since her Instagram is private and her posts cannot be seen by others. 

Rutledge Wood children: Details

With his wife, Rachel Wood, Rutledge has three lovely daughters. Rutledge often shares the pictures of his children on his Instagram. 

In fact, he seems to be an ideal example of a husband and father. Despite his love for some fast muscle cars, the personality only owns one-two seaters because he wants his children to be comfortable in the back seat. 

His three daughters, whose names and date of birth are unknown, seem to be the apple of his eyes. Even though he travels a lot and does not get time to spent time with them all the time, he tries his best to make his wife and children happy when he is around them.


Today was a fun day at Indy working @nascaronnbc , but also a day filled with sad, angry, friendless trolls throwing shade left and right- which definitely happens in this business. I get paid to have fun for a living, so I get why trolls get angry about it. But I want to post this picture to make sure no one gets it twisted. These 3 beautiful girls and their amazing mother are the reason I hustle as hard as I do. They're my world. They're what's important to me. Work, as cool as it may be, is still work. So I'm always going to do my best, but if you wonder why I go to the lengths to entertain the world in the ways I do, now you understand completely. And also be clear: I have many wonderful friends and family, and they matter to me. I'm good with bullies...I've stood up to them my whole life because guess what? I've always been different, and that's not going to change. So bring on the trolls, the sad, the hateful...if you took the time to listen, you might just enjoy something in life. Feel the sunshine on your shade. You'll have your time in the full sun and feel how good this world can be. Much love to all my friends, family and supporters !

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On 3rd Jul 2014, he posted a picture of himself and one of his daughters. His daughter was sick at the time, and he shared his sadness in the caption quoting, 'Nothing worse than when your kids get sick' with a sad face. 

Nonetheless, we hope that we get to see the family as happy and adorable as they are now in the upcoming years. Let's wish them all the best.