Ruby Barnhill rumored to have made as much as $750,000 from Steven Spielberg's movie The BFG

Updated On 23 Jun, 2016 Published On

The child actress Ruby Barnhill, who has been signed for Steven Spielberg’s upcoming movie The BFG, has been rumored to have accumulated almost 750 thousand dollars for the acting credits in the movie alone. This unknown British schoolgirl has quickly risen to fame during the Cannes festival after it was known that she was cast in a starring role in Steven Spielberg’s The BFG.

Ruby was shown alongside director and actor Mark Rylance in The BFG premiere at the Cannes festival this May. Her starring role as a plucky youngster named Sophie has earned her a lot of fame and respect from people all across the world. More than this, it seems to have given her a huge amount of money too.

The adaptation of the 1982 book written by Roald Dahl, the children’s book The BFG revolves around the life of a youngster named Sophie, a role which is being portrayed by the pretty and beautiful Ruby Barnhill who is just 11 years of age with a height of 4 feet and 11 inches. While her net worth has been listed to be 85 thousand dollars, it has been rumored that her exclusive role has earned her a whopping 750 thousand dollars from this very movie role.

This pretty girl had never acted in any movies prior to being selected by Spielberg for his movie. This extremely talented child prodigy took drama classes for a long time and this surely seems to have paid off well in her favor. After seeing her skills from one audition, Spielberg was supposedly spellbound by the acting skills of this girl and chose her for the role. It cannot be said for sure if Ruby has earned 750 thousand dollars from this single affair, but she has won the hearts of millions of fans for her cute acting skills for sure.