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Home Gossip Rory Lee Feek; Know about his Married life and divorce rumours

Rory Lee Feek; Know about his Married life and divorce rumours

Alishan Fri Dec, 2016
Rory Lee Feek; Know about his Married life and divorce rumours

Singer Rory Lee Feek who was in a duo band called Joey+Rory with his wife Joey, was a happily married man until his wife lost the battle to cancer and tragically passed away at the age of 40 this year.

Not only did Rory lost a great wife and mother to his children, but also the country music industry lost a valuable gem.

Rory Lee Feek's  marriage relationship

Before Rory was married to wife Joey Martin Feek, he was married to Tamara Gilmer in 1985. Rory Lee Feek has two daughters from his first marriage. Their first child Heidi was born in 1986 and their second child Hopie was born in 1988. Rory and Tamara got divorced and their 7 years marriage ended in 1992. There is no further information about his first wife in the media.

American singer/songwriter Rory Lee Feek

American singer/songwriter Rory Lee Feek

Source: Discogs

In 2002, Rory Lee got married to Joey. Joey saw Rory for the "> first time at a songwriter night in Nashville and says that she fell head over heel for him when she first saw him perform. She shared an instant connection with him because when she saw Rory, she told herself that he was the man she was going to marry someday. After a couple of songs, when Rory introduced her to his daughters, Joey assumed that he was married.

Singer Rory Lee Feek married Joey Fleek

Source: hellomagazine 

Two years after that, Joey heard that Rory was performing at that same place in Nashville. She wanted to go watch him and know if the feelings she had for him was for real or not and by that time she had learned that Rory was divorced and now was a single dad raising his two daughters. This just made her love Rory even more.

Both Joey and Rory were strong believers in God and they said that God had put them there again to find each other. And within months after seeing each other, they got married in June 2002.  

She also told People magazine about the day she met Rory for the first time. “Rory was singing ‘in the Round’ at the Bluebird Café in Nashville with three other songwriters.” She said. “I was just one of dozens of people in the audience that night. From the first song he sang, I fell head over heels for him.”

And through the time their love only grew stronger. They not only considered each other life partners but also their best friends.


Image: Rory Lee and Joey Feel

Joey never wanted children and since Rory already had two daughters from his previous marriage, she never gave too much thought to it. However, in February 2014, the happy couple welcomed their first daughter together, Indiana Boon. From the moment Joey held her daughter, she learned what unconditional love is all about. Indiana was born with down syndrome, but they loved her no matter what.

Image: Rory Lee and Joey Feel child Indiana Boon

But their happiness didn’t last very long. After few months of giving birth to their baby girl, in May 2014 Joey was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. She went through surgery and the surgery was successful. Joey then stopped further treatment.

In June 2015 she sought medical advice since she was not feeling well and the doctor told her that her cancer had returned. She went through surgery again, but they weren’t able to completely remove it. On October 2015 it was announced that Joey's cancer was terminal and there was no more treatment option available and all they could give her was few peaceful months with her family.


Joey passed away on March 4, 2016, at approximately 2:30 pm. Honoring Joey's wish, Rory held a private funeral on their farm in Tennessee and Joey was buried in the family cemetery on the Feek farm, where Rory’s mother had been buried and where Rory himself will be buried.

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On what would have been their 14th wedding anniversary, Rory Feek announced that as an anniversary gift to his late wife he had decided to make a film about her, To Joey, With Love.

Heartfelt condolence to Rory and his family, and we wish Rory all the best in his future endeavors. Way to go Rory!!