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Home Gossip Rory Lee Feek cares his children after his wife's death, Is Rory married again?

Rory Lee Feek cares his children after his wife's death, Is Rory married again?

Jharna Prasai Thu Jan, 2017
Rory Lee Feek cares his children after his wife's death, Is Rory married again?

The 53 years old American country singer, Rory Lee Feek is the Winner of Grand Jury Prize at Cannes Flim Festival. Rory is the writer of dozens of hit songs for singers like Clay Walker and Tracy Byrd. He is the founder of Duo band, Joey + Rory with his second wife Joey.

Rory is married twice and is the father of three children. He divorced with his first spouse, Tamara Gilmer, and his second spouse Joey Martin Feek was the victim of cancer who could not survive. Read the full article to know more about Rory's personal life.

Is Rory Lee Feek Married Again? His Relationship

Well, it has been more than 2 years since Rory's second wife Joey died but Rory still feels for her. The $3 million worth American singer could have moved on, but his deep love for his late wife Joey still makes him unmarried.

As reported, Rory after the departure of Rory is not dating anyone and is engaged in spending time with his children.

In June 2018, in an interview with CBS, Rory Lee Feek talked about his love for his late wife as:

I feel just as married and just as in love. I feel like she’s just as much a part of our life as she was.

He also explored about returning to the stage without his longtime Joey + Rory partner.

It is surreal and strange, a little wrong in some ways. But on the other side of it, it felt strangely familiar.
CAPTION: Rory Lee Feek and his late wife Joey Martin Feek SOURCE: Height Line

Really, Rory Lee Feek has not moved on with his memories with his late partner. Also, he has not hinted on his third marriage.

Love remains alive, either be it in person or in memories!

Rory Lee Feek and his former wife Tamara Gilmer: Their Divorce

Rory Lee Feek married Tamara Gilmer on August 3, 1985, after they dated each other for few months. The couples even share two adorable daughters.

Their first daughter, Heidi Feek was born in 1986 and second daughter, Hopie Feek in 1998.


...sisters. daughters. friends.

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Rory and Tamara could not hold on to their marriage and in 1992 the couple got officially divorced.

As reported, Rory's daughter Hopie Feek is a lesbian and is now engaged to her girlfriend Wendy. 

Rory tied the knot for the second time with Joey.

Rory married his second wife, Joey after dating for a few months

In 2001, Joey saw Rory for the first time in Nashville when he was singing “in the round” and she was fascinated by his performance. Just after their first meet, Joey made up her mind to marry him someday.

Joey started dating Rory after she found out that he is a divorced man and is the father of two daughters. The couple dated for few months and decided to tie the knot. Rory and Joey got married on June 15, 2002.

Caption: Joey and Rory marriage

CAPTION: Joey and Rory marriage

SOURCE: People

Rory and Joey decided to work together and they formed an American country and bluegrass duo band, Joey + Rory in 2008.

On 17th February 2014, the couple gave birth to a cute baby girl, Indiana Boon who was born with Down syndrome.

Rory and Joey faced a tragic ending after Joey suffered from cancer

Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer in May 2014 three months after giving birth to Indiana. She was declared cancer free after various surgery and treatment.

But again after a year, cancer had returned as metastatic cervical cancer-causing more damage to her body.j

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...happy Valentine's Day my love

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Even after many surgery and chemo, Joey was not able to win the battle with cancer. When the cancer was aggressively spreading and she had no treatment option, the couple decided to spend their last days together.

Joey faced lots of difficulties after suffering from cancer but, Rory and their children were very supportive. However, she died on March 4, 2016.

CAPTION: Joey Martin Feek in the stage of cancer SOURCE: The Gospel Herald

Rory is a very strong man with a very strong willpower. Rory did not marry after the death of Joey and is taking caring of his children by himself. He was and still is a loving father. He has maintained all the responsibilities as a father and we hope he continues to do so.

We wish him best for further.

Stay tuned for updates!