Robert Hawking Life - An insight into his "less-known" life

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Professor Stephen Hawking’s son Robert George Hawking is a very successful software engineer. He has earned huge fame because of his father, Stephen who is a physicist as well as cosmologist along with holding some of the reputed awards.

Robert, having 2 siblings he is among one out of the 3 children of his parents. Currently, Robert is working in Microsoft and he is able to grab a successful range of amount as his salary.

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Eldest child of Stephen Hawking; Robert Hawking

Robert is living in Seattle, Washington and the rumor is he is planning to shift from his current residence very soon. Robert is the eldest child of his parents and seems to be responsible towards his parents.

Robert Hawking works at Microsoft

Robert Hawking works at Microsoft

Source: Famous People

Robert's sister name is Lucy Hawking who is 47 years of age and his younger brother Timothy Hawking is 38 years old at his age. Currently, his sister is working as a novelist as well as English journalist who can also be seen among the media. She also joined the University of Oxford during the very time and studied French and Russian as her major language.

Similarly, his brother studied Spanish. Robert also in his past times lived across the Canada for some years of his time and his interest in the subject science was his major focus from the early phase when he was a kid.

Robert Hawking's sister, Lucy Hawking

Robert Hawking's sister, Lucy Hawking

Source: Daily Mail

Talking about the personal life of Robert, he is a married man and stable in his married life. He is also the father of 2 children, a son, and a daughter. The identity of his girlfriend turned wife is still unknown. Still, Robert stated that he will be mentioning about it soon among the people.

Robert Hawking's brother Timothy Hawking

Robert Hawking's brother Timothy Hawking

Source: mnn

Stephen is a reported to be a good dancer as well. He is very honest and loyal towards his relationships and  his married life is on a good note and he satisfied with what he came all along.

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