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Home Gossip Robert Fisk divorced his wife Lara Marlowein in 2006. Is he planning to get married again?

Robert Fisk divorced his wife Lara Marlowein in 2006. Is he planning to get married again?

abhilasha Sun Dec, 2016
Robert Fisk divorced his wife Lara Marlowein in 2006. Is he planning to get married again?

Robert Fisk is the famous English writer and journalist from Maidstone, Kent. He was married to Lara Marlowe and after almost twenty-two years of his married life with her, he finally got divorced. Robert Fisk is an award-winning journalist who is very much well known for the works. After getting separated from Lara Marlowe husband Robert was said to be dating another girl. Many people keenly wanted to know about his girlfriend’s detail which he kept secret.

Robert Fisk is a name of recognition whereas his ex-wife Lara Marlowe is also a much-known figure in the field of journalism and an American Author too. She is a master’s graduate in International Relations from Oxford. Like her ex-husband, she has also been able to win numerous prestigious awards being a skilled journalist. Her most admired and famous work was working as the US correspondent for ‘The Irish Times’ from 2009 to 2012 before returning to Paris in the year 2013 as the paper’s Paris correspondent . She spent 15 years being a journalist for Time.

Robert Fisk

 Robert Fisk and Lara Marlowe

Robert Fisk and Lara Marlowe both being the American journalist met during the event related to their work. They finally got married in the year 1994. Robert and Lara being together for so many years don’t have any children of their own. There is no any specific reason why this couple chooses to go different path but as the news of Robert having a girlfriend came out, we assume that can be one of the cause. Or maybe Lara didn’t want to be with such a man who is away from home so much, usually six months in the year.


Soon after Robert got divorced with wife Lara there emerged the news of him getting romantically involved with a girl who is very much a popular model of Hollywood. Though the news of Robert being in a relationship was confirmed he did not want to share anything about it. This news was first cracked by the Insider but as both didn’t come up and confessed their love this matter didn’t go further.

Is Robert Fisk getting married again?

Robert Fisk and his girlfriend were said to be spotted in many places. They were seen having a wonderful vacation at Miami Beach. There is no solid proof of who the girlfriend of this journalist is but he was frequently spotted with a young girl who is almost half of his age. It has been a lot of time from when the rumor started of Robert being with a girl but till now it is hard to know what’s going on between them. Maybe both don’t want to share about their relationship or maybe they wanted to know each other very well so that it doesn’t end up like Robert’s first marriage.

Maybe this couple needs some more time to come up and speak up about their relationship. We just hope that everything is going good and they will be getting married soon.