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Robert Downey Sr. Biography

Robert Downey Sr.

Facts of Robert Downey Sr.

Birth Nation: United States
Height: 5 Feet 8 Inch

Quick Timeline of Robert Downey Sr.

1936 Born in New York City, New York, USA
1966 Directed Chaffed Elbows
1969 Wrote and Directed Putnety Swope
1970 Wrote and Directed Pound
1971 Starred in Is there Sex After Death?
1985 Directed The Twilight Zone
1991 Directed Too Much Sun
1997 Directed Hugo Pool

Detail Timeline of Robert Downey Sr.

June 24 , 1936

Born in New York City, New York, USA

Robert Downey Sr. was born to model Elizabeth McLoughlin and motel/restaurant manager Rober Elias Sr in New York City in June 24, 1936. 

He is the father of actor Robert Downey Jr. His ethnicity is Irish, Hungarian from his mother’s side and Lithuanian from his father's side.



Directed Chaffed Elbows

In 1966, Downey Sr directed a manic comedy film titled Chaffed Elbows at a budget of $12,000 was a commercial success in the box office. 

The movie revolved around Hapless Walter Dinsmore that suffers a nervous breakdown and experiences bizarre events.


Wrote and Directed Putnety Swope

Putney Swope is a satirical comedy of the advertising world. It was not only directed but also written by Robert Downey Sr.

It is about Putney Swope, a black man in the executive level of an advertising firm who has to step up the role after the chairman dies. The movie grossed $120,000 at the box office.



Wrote and Directed Pound

In 1970, Downey Sr Wrote and Directed Pound, based on Broadway play - The Comuppance. It revolves around a penguin, a Siamese cat and two dogs that are waiting to be put to sleep.

It is the debut of Downey Sr's five year old son -Robert as a young puppy. 



Starred in Is there Sex After Death?

Robert Downey Sr. was not only a film maker but also a versatile actor. He appeared as he in a mockumentary mondo film Is There Sex After Death?

The film is about a doctor who drives his vehicle named the Sexmobile in search of celestial bodies of sex



Directed The Twilight Zone

Downey Sr. directed 3 episodes of 1985 science fiction anthology series The Twilight Zone based on 50's show of the same name. 

It is based on unusual and bizarre events surrounding people who face them. The show ends with a surprise ending and a moral.



Directed Too Much Sun

His directing streak continued well into the 90's and directed movies such as Too Much Sun.

It revolves around a financially affluent man whose son is gay and daughter is a lesbian yet produces such a compelling will that whoever presents him with a grandchild gets his riches first.



Directed Hugo Pool

Hugo Pool is a romantic comedy starring Alyssa Milano as Hugo Dugay, operator of a swimming pool cleaning company Hugo Pool and Patrick Dempsey as Floyd Gaylen ,ALS customer of Alyssa as well as son of Robert Downey Sr - Robert Downey Jr as Franz Mazur , a filmmaker.

The movie was written by Robert alongside his wife Laura who had died of Amyotropic Lateral Schlerosis.



Robert Downey Sr's age is 70 years young. He has directed many movies during the golden age of cinema during the 60's and 70’s. Some of the movies he has made are Chaffed Elbows (1966), Putney Swope (1969), Pound (1970), Greaser's Palace (1970) to name a few. His movie Putney Swope, satire based on Madison Square advertising world reached a cult popularity status. He lives with his third wife author Rosemary Rodgers in New York City.

His ethnicity is Irish, Hungarian from his mother’s side and Lithuanian from his father's side. His net worth is estimated at $10 million.