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Home Gossip Riz Ahmed who shared Romance with Kate Hudson is in search for Love in Real: Know his Affairs

Riz Ahmed who shared Romance with Kate Hudson is in search for Love in Real: Know his Affairs

Ashmita Karki Sat Jul, 2017
Riz Ahmed who shared Romance with Kate Hudson is in search for Love in Real: Know his Affairs

Riz Ahmed is the current talk of the town. He is a very established actor who has worked in numerous movies, but thanks to his recent roles in 'Rogue One and Girls', he has become irresistible. Ahmed seems to have all the qualities that a lady looks for in her man. So, does Ahmed really have someone special in his life? Well, he hasn't talked about being married ever which is quite good news for all the ladies who have been hoping out for the handsome star.

There is no any lady with whom we can link Ahmed's name with which makes his relationship status totally single. You might be curious to know the type of ladies he has dated in the past, his affairs and relationships. Let's find out:

Riz Ahmed single without girlfriend or wife

There is no complete report regarding Ahmed's romantic link with anyone. Even though he has been spotted with a few ladies, it is hard to say whether those were his real affairs or just a fling.

Riz Ahmed

Riz Ahmed

Source: Hollywood

This depicts that the women that Ahmed was seen out with were not anyone famous or celebrated stars. 
Despite the lack of evidence, Ahmed tries to tease his followers by posting a tricky status on Twitter. Around 2012, he posted that his girlfriend doesn't like him not having a phone for so long.

So, was there really someone or Ahmed was just faking it? This question aroused a lot of confusion back then which never got addressed.

Elisabeth Moss with Riz Ahmed

Elisabeth Moss with Riz Ahmed

Source: Variety

It seems like Ahmed's fast-growing career and international fame has given him less time to focus on his dating life.

Riz Ahmed on-screen affair with Kate Hudson

Thus, we can confidently say that he doesn't have a girlfriend now and isn't married either, but he has moments with a lot of actors on-screen. His on-screen chemistry with Kate Hudson in the movie 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' was praised a lot.

Riz Ahmed and Kate Hudson bed scene from The reluctant fundamentalist :

In fact, Mira Nair, the movie's director, also talked about the couple's pair-up in an interview and said: 

" effortless and such fantastic chemistry. And you cannot direct chemistry – you can direct the hell out of everything, but not what happens between and man and a woman. That’s really cool and they really enjoyed each other and they were wonderful together."

We hope Riz Ahmed finds someone similar in his real life too with whom his chemistry just hit fight. Since Ahmed is too busy in his career right now, maybe his dating phase will arrive soon.

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