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Home Gossip Rihanna’s relationship wisdom for her heartbroken fan will make you feel things

Rihanna’s relationship wisdom for her heartbroken fan will make you feel things

Pramesh Baskota Sun Jun, 2017
Rihanna’s relationship wisdom for her heartbroken fan will make you feel things

When it comes to celebrities, many of us, who leave comments on their Instagram or on any SNS, assume that the celebrity in the question will never see or respond what we wrote. But again, when it’s the one and only, Rihanna, she ranks high in terms of those that actually have time for their fans and try to get to know them on a personal extent and it’s no secret that everyone wants to be Rihanna’s best buddy. She’s a ton of fun, yes- but she can also be a potent shoulder to cry on.

It appears that the 29-year old singer came to the aid of a fan who’s been nursing a broken heart. Happening on Twitter a year ago, user @WaladShami shared that he reached out to the Bad Gal for some relationship advice on the platform’s Direct Message and the “Work” hit maker’s advice came straight from her heart. Eventually, Rihanna did not just entertain the question but gave some words of wisdom, too, which is worth contemplating by anybody who has love issues.

Rihanna In reply to the message sent by her fan wrote

Just believe that the heartbreak was a gift in itself! Cry if you have to, but it won't be forever! 

She further added

You will find love again, and it will be even more beautiful! In the meantime enjoy all that YOU are!!!!

And Samer, who sent the cry for help to the brunette beauty, recently said the breakup was difficult because it was his “first relationship ever”, and he reached out to Rihanna because he thought that she’s “wise”.

Rihanna Twitter

Rihanna’s response seems really heartfelt and it’s undoubtedly the most decent advice anyone could ever get. 

With Rihanna's over-publicized relationships and heartbreaks, she may, indeed, be equipped with some of the best knowledge that her fans can learn from. Apart from her highly publicized falling out with R&B singer Chris Brown, Rihanna must have also learned some valuable lessons from her past relationship.

It’s not the very first time that the pop star has helped a fan in need over social media. When speaking with Buzzfeed, the Twitter user claimed Rihanna responded to him over DM before.

I reached out to Rihanna because she's given me advice many times ------Her fan wrote on Twitter

So, if you're going through a rough breakup, maybe you should DM Rihanna — you might get a response with some great advice.


RiRi is indeed a straight-up gift to the world and she plays it best when it comes to providing her fans a safe place to let their thoughts out. Previously, the singer exchanged messages with a fan that confided in her account about coming out to his friends and family as gay in April 2016. She is truly the gift we don’t deserve. 

Well, this was our take on your favorite singer Rihanna, for more updates stay tuned with Frostsnow.