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Home Gossip Rihanna's $80 Puma fur sandals selling for more than $1000 on Ebay

Rihanna's $80 Puma fur sandals selling for more than $1000 on Ebay

Richa Wed May, 2016
Rihanna's $80 Puma fur sandals selling for more than $1000 on Ebay

Rihanna’s popularity one after other is hitting the attention towards her people. This time, her fur sandal is there for selling into the market which was originally cost as 80$ at the current time it has been estimated to be 1000$ on eBay. Yes, the news is correct and this might surprise you but according to the news released on April 22, the information has been flashed. Over 300$, the sale has been demanded but the most surprising news here is as it has been black pair ending with 1000$ this time with a high choice of the public. She was named in December 2014 by the creative director of the very brand.

It was previously mentioned to be sold out of Friday but Ebay has already seen selling of it within hundreds. More than those fuzz-topped sandals and other stuff like white and shells colors are also originally kept within the sale. This starts from 10am on April 22. In current time, Fenty shoes have been sold out and that was even re-sold by the buyers after few hours of buying it. This Fur slide sandals can be seen on the internet as well where there is an average of 600 listings of the sandals in current time.

With the new haircut, Rihanna looks amazing in her photo with Puma fur and she has even been rumored for putting on the sandals in her songs coming on her new album. Her work has been appreciated by the brand and appreciated with the great work undertaken in such an early age. Her boyfriend Travis Scott whom she is enjoying her affair time has also appreciated those pictures with the sandals uploaded on her Twitter account. Having around 60.3M followers, she has even requested to view her new song Needed Me current through her twitter. Check it out here.