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Richard Rawlings Biography

Richard Rawlings

Facts of Richard Rawlings

Date of Birth: 1969 , March-30
Birth Nation: United States

Quick Timeline of Richard Rawlings

1969 Born in Fort Worth, Texas.
1993 Married to Suzanne Mergele.
1999 Start Lincoln Press.
2002 Launch Gas Monkey Garage.
2012 Feature in Fast N' Loud.
2014 Launch Gas Monkey Bar and Live.
2017 Current Net worth.

Detail Timeline of Richard Rawlings

March 30 , 1969

Born in Fort Worth, Texas.

Richard Rawlings was born on 30th march 1969 in Fort Worth, Texas. He grew up with his father and siblings Daphne Rawlings Kaminski. He was always interested in automobiles which eager him to pursue his career.  


Married to Suzanne Mergele.

Richard Rawlings married to Suzanne Mergele after having affairs for severals years. After having married relationship for ten years, they got a divorce due to the raising of misunderstanding and distance between them. They don't have any children till now. 


Start Lincoln Press.

After getting a divorce from his beloved wife Suzanne, he started Lincoln Press where the advertising and printing press works are carried out. The company was well earning but he sold out because it was not what he want to be.   


Launch Gas Monkey Garage.

After selling Press, Richard Rawlings launch Gas Money Garage which he intended to do from his childhood. The Garage produces and sells cars as per customer need and comfort around the Globe and customer wants is increasing rapidly.    


Feature in Fast N' Loud.

Richard Rawlings started to feature in the TV series arises from Discovery Channel name as Fast N' Loud. The series is all about Richard and his Co-worker Aaron Kaufman, KC Mathieu and Scot McMilan work where they bought, received, restored and sell.   


Launch Gas Monkey Bar and Live.

After the successful launch of Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill in Northwest Dallas in Dallas-fort Worth International Airport in 2013, Richard launch Gas Monkey Live which is venue for dedicated predominantly to live Miusic in 2014.   


Current Net worth.

Richard earns the tremendous amount of money from his different companies like Gas Monkey Bar N' grill, Gas Monkey Live, Richard Rawling's Garage restaurant and also from his TV personality. The big part of his income came from his companies which have been estimated as $ 30 Million. 


Rawlings career began as a firefighter, Law enforcement officer and also a paramedic. Later he started the Lincoln Press which was advertising and printing company but not the subject of his interest. His affection and devotion towards auto made him sold his printing press in order to launch Gas Monkey Garage. The Garage creates and shipped automobiles for the worldwide customer as per their need and comforts.

Rawlings profession has become the subject of the Discovery Channel series Fast N’ Loud where he and his co-workers are featured in the series. As Richard earned popularity from his show, he launches Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill in Northwest Dallas, Gas Money Live music, and currently, Richard Rawling’s Garage restaurant also planning for others projects too.  

Moving towards his personal life, Richard married to Suzanne Mergele but they divorce after ten years of married. They later hauled their rusted out relationship, sorted out their misunderstanding and got remarried. Richard earns the tremendous amount of money from his business projects and some chunk of the amount from this TV personality where he takes $ 50K per episode. It has been estimated that his current Net worth is around $ 30 Million.