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Home Gossip Richard Perry and his wife Jane Fonda splits after 8 years of relationship

Richard Perry and his wife Jane Fonda splits after 8 years of relationship

Mahammad Arsad shekh Tue Mar, 2017
Richard Perry and his wife Jane Fonda splits after 8 years of relationship

One of the most renowned American record producers, Richard Perry has considerably gained a wide attention and curiosity regarding his separation with his girlfriend Jane Fonda, who is a two-time Academy Award winner and two-time BAFTA Award winner as being an actress, writer, political activist, former fashion model as well as a fitness guru.

The news regarding Richard Perry and Jane Fonda departing their ways made millions of their fans really amazed and disheartened. Did this amazing couple really split up? If yes, then what is the reason behind their break up?

Along with these, there arise a lot of questions regarding their personal life which has been engrossing the mind of millions of people. Don't worry, we are here with all the information you want. Just stay with us.

Richard Perry broke up with his girlfriend Jane Fonda after 8 years of relationship

As it is said, there is no age to love, it can happen whenever and wherever, no matter the circumstances. Here, same has been the case with Richard Perry who found love at the age of 74. Richard had been dating his girlfriend Jane Fonda for last eight years.

Video: Richard Perry and Jane Fonda departing their ways but still close friends

But, recently this elderly couple reportedly split up with each other. When Richard was asked by E! News regarding this news, he accepted the fact that he really broke up with Jane and also informed that they are still together but only as close friends.

Richard has also explained a thing that "it's not a break-up, it's a shift in the direction of our lives." he said,

I hate to say the romantic relationship is over. We're definitely extremely good friends. We do things together. We care about each other a great deal and as far as romantic relationships, that's temporarily been put on the back burner because she, as you probably know, has rededicated herself to activism." He added, "We definitely have a great deal of love for each other.

So now the main question is, are things completely over between the two? Well, Richard says there is still hope for a possible reconciliation.

I would say that there's always a possibility that her life will change...At the moment we've been leading two separate lives, but we still find time to do dinner once a week, watch movies, stuff like that.

Richard and Jane never got married. However, Richard Perry was previously married to his wife Rebecca Broussard.

Meanwhile, the Grace and Frankie star, Jane Fonda had been married three times in her past, with her most recent divorce finalizing in 2012 with her ex-husband Ted Turner. The name of her other two former spouses; Roger Vadim and Tom Hayden.

From this fact, we can say that Jane Fonda was already in a married relationship with Ted Turner while she was dating Richard Perry as they started their affair in 2009.

Richard Perry with his ex-girlfriend Jane Fonda

Richard Perry with his ex-girlfriend Jane Fonda

Source: People

Now, after the breakup, the duo are living their single life happily and it seems they are only focused on their career. 79 years old Jane was one of the celebrities who participated in the Women’s March in Los Angeles on the last January.

Here's a picture of Instagram which shows her involvement in that Women’s March.


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Let's wish the duo all the very best for their future and hope that they clear out their differences and again get together in a relationship. Best of Luck!!