Revealed: Why Fox News' Charles Payne and his wife Yvonne are still lucky to be together

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Some love stories come to an end (breakup or divorce) after hitting a small bump on the road. Whereas, some come out stronger with every hurdle they pass. Fox News’ Charles Payne shared his story about how his life turned around for him and his wife Yvonne.

Well, let's learn in detail about his married life with his wife Yvonne Payne. Further, we will also talk about his past affairs and relationship. Just stay with us.

Charles Married life And Affairs

Charles revealed that his wife had been suffering from heart diseases ever since her teen years even before they were married. She used to be in terrible pain. Her physical condition was only worsening with age. Even depression had begun to sink in Yvonne due to her weak condition.

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She was on medications and her daily activities seemed to be dependent on external devices.

Charles Payne

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All this was getting harder to deal with for the family.

Then back in July of 2012, Yvonne’s heart seemed to have become more fragile and she had been put on the support of pumps to stabilize. She had to go through a surgery.

It was a stroke of luck that saved this family from bearing a loss those days. Yvonne was in dire need of a heart transplant. Charles’ long-time friend took that moment to call up and tell him that the latter’s daughter had died and he wanted to donate the 20-year-old heart of his daughter to Charles’ wife.

Charles Payne and his wife

Charles Payne and his wife

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Many hurdles came even after the transplant seemed possible, but the family overcame it all. Yvonne had a successful open heart surgery. And now her husband and her lives have become so much easier and pain-free.

Born on November 15, 1960, as Charles V. Payne, he has achieved quite a name for himself. He currently serves as a Fox Business Network contributor and host of Fox's Making Money with Charles Payne. He was formerly the co-host of Varney & Co. He had joined this network at its launch in October 2007.

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Payne frequently appears on shows such as Cashin' In, Cavuto on Business, and Bulls and Bears. In addition to his work with Fox, Payne also hosts his own daily syndicated talk show, The Payne Nation, by Sun Broadcast Group.