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Home Gossip Revealed: Why Ann Coulter engaged several times but never married? Is her marriage on cards?

Revealed: Why Ann Coulter engaged several times but never married? Is her marriage on cards?

Rabina Koirala Thu Aug, 2016
Revealed: Why Ann Coulter engaged several times but never married? Is her marriage on cards?

Known as one of the most controversial authors of the United States, Ann Coulter has had a relatively successful career. Her political commentary and strong opinions were quite acclaimed. Many of her books have been on the New York Times Best Sellers list. But she has also been criticized for her opinions on political and social issues. She has even been termed an ‘attention seeking nation’s foremost political performance artist’ because of her views and political opinions.

Ann Coulter has been said to stroke outrage with deliberate provoking with her comments and verbal accusations which are sometimes profoundly racist. She has hardly been considered an all-time favorite of audiences and readers; nevertheless, she has been famed in her own rights.

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And as in her professional career, Ann Coulter has seen different phases of ups and downs in her personal life as well. Today, in this section, we are going to reveal all about Ann's personal romantic relationships and dating affairs. So stay tuned! 


From her prominence in her career to her comparative downfall, Ann Coulter has been in several relationships— both long term and short term. She has been linked to various men with professions varying from TV personalities to authors to actors. But never was she seen willing to get married and settle down.

American conservative socialist Ann Coulter

Source: conservative books club

One of her earliest relationships was with British actor James Tully. The duo is rumored to have dated from 1991 to 1992. She was then seen with the controversial magazine/publisher heir, Bob Guccione Jr, who was found guilty of promoting a `hostile sexual environment` and not paying his female employees the same as men in a career that started from 1978.

CAPTION: American writer Ann Coulter had a rumored relationship with author Dinesh D'Souza SOURCE: Billionaires Millionaires

Ann Coulter was then linked with fellow author Dinesh D'Souza. D’Souza is an India-born American author. Following that, another rumor also sparked in the late 1990s that Ann was dating American actor Jimmie Walker. But this was never verified.

Author Ann Coulter and American actor Jimmie Walker

Source: eurweb

Ann seems quite unlucky in relationships, doesn’t she?

Her next relationship was with Bill Maher, who is an American talk show host. The duo was said to be dating in 2002. After this breakup, she began dating the former professional tennis player and conservative radio host David Wheaton.

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She was last seen dating New York Democratic politician Andrew Stein in 2007. The relationship, reportedly, ended a year later.


The 56 years' old Ann Coulter was first rumored to be dating the controversial heir, Bob Guccione. People had mocked the couple for being the same kind of ‘immoral and unethical’ TV personality. But the engagement allegedly ended before the couple got around to getting married.

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Ann, then, was rumored to be engaged to the author of New York best selling What's So Great About Christianity and Life After Death: The Evidence, Dinesh D’Souza. But the rumor settled when Dinesh was married in 1992.

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Coulter’s final engagement was said to have been with the New York City Council Andrew Stein. But the couple, reportedly, had a very bumpy relationship. And just before they were about to get married, they broke up their engagement.

Also, Ann Coulter has never shown any inclination towards wanting to have a husband and even children. She has been known to make harsh comments on single moms and same-sex marriage.

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Basing an assumption on her public appearances and opinions shared, it is safe to assume that she doesn’t seem interested in getting married or having a family with a handful of children.

Some say that three failed engagements have hit the author so hard that she dreads about a possible divorce if she ever got married. So maybe marriage is not on the cards for our controversial celebrity.