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Home Gossip Revealed: Vocalist of the South African band 'Die Antwoord' Yolandi Visser's personal life!!

Revealed: Vocalist of the South African band 'Die Antwoord' Yolandi Visser's personal life!!

Ashmita Karki Sat Jan, 2017
Revealed: Vocalist of the South African band 'Die Antwoord' Yolandi Visser's personal life!!

Yolandi Visser is a singer and actress from South Africa known for being the lead vocalist of the band Die Antwoord. Visser’s real name is Anri du Toit and has gained a height of success since her professional career in 2001.

Visser besides being blessed with an estimated net worth of $10 million, is also enjoying her lovely relationship with her singer boyfriend Watkin Tudor Jones aka Ninja. The couple is yet to be married but are the parents of their 2 children shared during years of dating. Want to know more about Yolandi Visser's personal life, affairs, and children? Scroll down.

Yolandi Visser is Dating Watkin Tudor Jones: Their Relationship and Children

5 feet 11 inches tall Visser is dating her band member Watkin Tudor Jones, 44, also known by his on-stage persona Ninja. The couple's affair started since the duo was professionally a thing after the group formed in 2008.

The 33-year-old singer, Visser has a daughter named Sixteen whose age is around 12 or 13, though the birth details of their another daughter Tokkie Jones is under shadows.

Image:Yolandi Visser with Watkin Tudor Jones

Image: Yolandi Visser and Watkin Tudor Jones

Source: Love Birds Love

The Chappie co-stars Visser and Jones' marriage reports are not out yet but time and again Visser posts some amazing photos with Jones on her Instagram.

Looking at the pair’s chemistry, it seems like they get along really well with each other like husband and wife.

Among many tattoos that Visser has, the one that she has on her hand is quite noticeable. ‘RATS’ is inked on her each hand finger except in the thumb and is similar to her boyfriend Jones’ who has inked 'RULE' on his finger.


Gucci bebes

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Even though the couple misses no chance to show off their strong support in both professional and personal life, they have kept the relationship details quite a secret.

Also, Visser and Jones have not talked about their marriage plans. Hope the news will be out soon.

Watkin Tudor Jones is all over Yolandi Visser's Instagram

If you go through Visser’s Instagram, you will mostly find Jones all over it. Her recent post with Jones was on 31st December where the couple was seen making weird faces. She also captioned it,

“1st selfie of 2017#newyearseveshow”


1st selfie of 2017 #newyearseveshow

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Also,  Visser’s relationship with her daughter also seems to be great. She posted a cute photo with Sixteen 7 weeks ago.

The couple fancies their child a lot and tries to be with her as much as possible. She looks all grown up now. Time really flies fast, isn’t it? 


Hitch Hikers Guide 2 Heaven

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Sixteen attended the Wang’s Spring 2017 show with her father Jones. She looked really flawless on her white eyeliner look.

Image: Sixteen with Watkin Tudor Jones

Image: Sixteen with Watkin Tudor Jones

Source: Vogue

Sixteen seems to be following her parent’s footstep. She has her own band named ‘The Boy With the Rainbow Face’. Michael Peter Balzary’s daughter Sunny is the main vocalist while Sixteen is the backup and writer. During an interview, Visser said:

She’s really good.

The family filled with happiness, that's all needed indeed!

Yolandi Visser got a new pet

Who doesn't love to be the faithful creature? We guess everyone does and "everyone" certainly includes Visser. And probably, you have guessed it right, it's a dog or let's say puppy.


The Chosen 1 has arrived @rollyteacuppuppies

A photo posted by ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER (@prawn_star) on

The couple adopted a cute black puppy. They seem really happy with the little guy whose name is Ichi.

Yolandi Visser and Watkin Tudor Jones's Chances of Divorce?

Visser and Jones seem to be in as much love as they were in the beginning days. It's still a mystery whether the couple married or not.

And the issue of divorce may come up if they split, however, the case may not appear as the duos are deeply and madly in love with each other.

In fact, Visser hasn’t dated anyone except Jones and similarly, her boyfriend has also been very faithful in their relationship. There is no rumor of breakup between the couple.

Video: Die Antwoord's 'Ugly Boy'

We wish the couple all the very best in their future and hope they get married soon and stay together for eternity. That's a long time but they can do it. What do you believe?

Stay tuned.