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Revealed: The struggle of younger sister of YouTube sensation Matty B, Sarah Grace Morris

Alishan Sat Jan, 2017
Revealed: The struggle of younger sister of YouTube sensation Matty B, Sarah Grace Morris

Mathew David Morris popularly known as MattyB is a YouTube sensation. He has over 7 million subscribers on his main channel called MattyBraps and over 2 million subscribers on his vlog channel MattyBVlogs. Matt has 4 siblings; he has three brothers named Josh, Blake and John and a sister called Sarah.

Matthew sister Sarah Grace Morris

His younger and only sister, Sarah Grace Morris was born on 30th January 2006. When she was born the doctors told her family that she was born with a disability called Down syndrome. Sarah has starred in many of Matt’s video and has featured on both his main channel and on his second channel.

Sarah has her own YouTube channel called SarahGraceClub where she has more than 300k subscriber. She uploads videos such as challenges, questions and answers, and random vlogs. All of this is handled mostly by her parents, Tawny and Blake Morris.  

Caption: Matthew and his sister Sarah Grace Morris

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Matt covered a song called True Colors on his channel, where he sings about his sister’s condition. In this song, he also raps about treating all people equally despite their disabilities and differences. Sarah stars in the video. Initially, in the video, kids reject her because she is different but later in the video, they accept her for who she is. The video has more than 87 million views.

Some of the lines from the songs are:

”You with the sad eyes, don’t be discouraged. Oh, I realize it’s hard to take courage in a world full of people. You can lose sight of it all and darkness still inside you make you feel so small. ”

“There’s a legacy that we’re leaving, and it’s greater than us. Cause the truth is that we’re all equal, and the answer is love.”

On her channel, her parents put a behind the scene of the music video True Colors, where her parents give advice, and also talk about Sarah and her disability.

Her parents say that Sarah has a unique ability and gift to bring joy and love to whomever she comes in contact with. They also believe that Sarah was a gift for their family.

Despite her disability, Sarah still manages to live her life to the fullest, brings happiness to everyone around and does everything other ‘normal’ kids do. Sarah loves dancing and is also learning ballet. We can see her fun personality on her videos. And from the videos, it is also clear that her brother Matt loves her very much and is ready to protect her from the harsh world, where being different is taken as a taboo.


?so proud of my little sister @sarahgraceclub for keeping it ?? in cheer this weekend!?

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In an interview with ABC News, Matt said,

“Sarah is just like any other normal kid.”

Sarah also added,

“I can do baseball or ballet or I like to dance, I do hip-hop and I play soccer.”

And we all think that Matt deserves the ‘Best Brother’ Award.



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What do you think of this adorable relationship of a brother and sister? Isn't it amazing? Salute to Matthew for taking this gracefully and supporting his sister. 

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