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Home Gossip Revealed: The career of Karl de Vries from Newsday to to CNN's breaking news editor

Revealed: The career of Karl de Vries from Newsday to to CNN's breaking news editor

Shreya Pokharel Sun Jul, 2016
Revealed: The career of Karl de Vries from Newsday to to CNN's breaking news editor

CNN Politics have quite the badass team this year. Trust me, when I say this. Right from Ashley Codianni to Ariane De Vogue, they have the best ones with them. When talking about the best how can we possibly forget Karl De Vries?

Karl De Vries, who works as the breaking news editor for CNN Politics, is one of the key people in the channel’s digital politics team as she covers the top issues of the day and focusing on the presidential race of 2016, politics of the capital, and the day to day news revolving around the world.

This might just sound so inspiring, but Karl had a long way to go. Before getting associated with CNN, he started off as an intern for editing. He definitely wanted to be in the media field as a child because while he was graduating from Montclair State University taking English as his majors. He obviously pursued his dream and followed his passion for journalism as he joined small time companies such as New jersey Local news service, North jersey media group, and The star- Ledger as a reporter.

He then went on to work for Newsday band and did quite a good job there, but it left him unsatisfied and then he got a major breakthrough as the news editor for Fox News. com. Even though he had to work for so many reporters before getting this job, it did not go as waste at all because it was his experience and dedication for the work that landed him in such a good position at Fox. On a side note, patience is definitely the key - after all, some amount of struggle led him to Fox and after that, the professional life of the de Vries has been a roller coaster.

A native of New Jersey, de Vries now is working for CNN for the last year and he has been giving all his inputs in progressing towards his career and the channel. Undoubtedly, this is the reason his salary, net worth, and earnings has skyrocketed in the past year nearing to a million in just a year.

Karl de Vries is famous for his works in the coverage of the most memorable news in the world history. Some of his major breaks include the death of Osama bin laden, the midterm election of 2014 and the newspaper attacks of Paris. These works of his had given him a lot of achievements such as being the earnest reporter of the channel as well as given him several accolades, acclaim, and awards.

We wish Karl, whose age is speculated to be in the early thirties, all the very best for his career forward and big cheers to all that he has achieved in such a young tenure of working experience.