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Revealed: Life, facts, and stories of Mexican painter and the legend Frida Kahlo

Bibek Chaulagain Fri Jun, 2016
Revealed: Life, facts, and stories of Mexican painter and the legend Frida Kahlo

Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón generally known as Frida Kahlo (July 6, 1907-July 13, 1954), daughter of Matilde Calderón y González and Guillermo Kahlo, was a superb Mexican artist known for her own self-portraits. Her work has been considered internationally as emblematic of Mexican national and indigenous traditions. Kahlo once said, "I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best."

Frida began her study from National Preparatory School in 1922. Frida was her father's favorite among all children. She used to assume her role as a son as her mother had lots of miscarriage. A lady of amazing attraction and creativity she suffered from many tragics in her life. 

Frida suffered from polio on right leg at the age of six which made her housebound for nine months. Her father always used to encourage to live strong and recommend her to play sports like others. Few years later, Kahlo had a bus accident where she was severely injured with fractures in her spine and pelvis which led her unable to give birth. Her clothes were somehow pulled off in that accident but she was left nude on the road.

Frida Kahlo started painting while recovering from the dreadful accident and completed her first self-portrait that year. Kahlo was pretty interested in politics too so she joined the Young Communist League and Mexican Communist Party.

 It is revealed that  Kahlo when she was fifteen, had a complex crush on 36 years old artist Diego Rivera. And after some years, the crush turned into the affair when Kahlo again met Rivera through the Communist Party. In 1929, they decided to marry. Kahlo had aborted thrice due to her pelvis injury. So, she portrayed herself in a painting with the story of her miscarriages. 

Kahlo always tried to impress her husband. However, Rivera seemed to be hungry for ladies. One day she found Rivera and Frida's baby sister Christina having a physical relation which was another heartbreak for Frida.

Frida Kahlo always tried to portrait the reality of her life rather than the dreams. So, she rejected the label "Surrealist" given to her. Kahlo has created altogether 140 paintings, 55 of them are self-portraits. 

One of Frida's painting 'Two Nudes in the Forest (The Earth Itself)' was the highest bided painting for a female painter having been sold at the staggering figure of $8 million. Some of her other famous painting includes Roots, Diego y Yo, Self-portrait with thorn necklace and hummingbird in it, etc all of which were highly praised. 

Kahlo died of Pulmonary embolism. The net worth of Kahlo is much more than it is expected as only one of her paintings costs millions of dollars.