REVEALED:David Muir Gay Rumor, Boyfriend Gio's TRUTH, Is he Single or Married?Know about his Affairs

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We are now in that time when a single word spoken by a celebrity creates a big rumor spread all over the world in every passing day Especially when any famous television personality ever talks anything about the sexual orientation or seen together spending a quality time, public and media starts spreading rumors.

Today we have a similar story of a famous ABC News' anchor David Muir, whose news regarding he is gay began spreading all over the world as soon as he was heard to be in the relationship with his co-worker Gio Benitez.

This news has made the eyes of public and media stuck on his personal life that none of them even blink their eyes regarding the rumors. They became more curious about David's sexual orientation and wondering for the truth. So, let's find the reality. Stay with us.

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Is David Muir a Gay? Explore his love affairs and dating history with Gio Benitez

News anchor David Muir is currently pursuing his career with ABC World News Tonight. With his dashing personality, the handsome personality, David make any girl go crazy about him. David was the dream of almost every woman for past few years but their dreams shattered as soon as he was declared a gay.

David Muir with his former boyfriend Gio Benitez

David Muir with his former boyfriend Gio Benitez

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It was not acceptable for anyone until David Muir revealed his relationship with Gio Benitez. They were seen holding hand in public and spotted visiting gay bars together for many times. This fact definitely pointed the finger to his sexual orientation.

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However, David never opened up the thing whether he actually gay or not. The news regarding the affair between David Muir and Gio Benitez became viral and broke the internet.

But later they reportedly split and then on 17 September 2017, a news came that Gio got engaged to his boyfriend Tommy DiDario 


"Time is what's left behind in the wake of love."

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Look at the picture  above which shows Gio proposing Tommy dropping on one knee with an engagement ring. Wow! Isn't it cool?

Within a year of their engagement, Gio got married to Tommy on 16 April 2016.

Here's the wedding video of the happily married couple Gio and Tommy. Check it out.

Furthermore, David was previously found dating a girlfriend named Kate Dries who is also a journalist in the profession.

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This story came around when Kate published an article , Report Indicates My Boyfriend David Muir Is a 'Monster'. Reading her article, Kate just seems to be a little bit sarcastic and looking at those comments, we can clearly assure that millions of women would love to date him.

Kate Dries referred David by the word "boyfriend"

Kate Dries referred David by the word "boyfriend"

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Whatever be it, but David is still bound with the rumors of being gay. Whether David is actually a gay or not, that desn't even matter as he is one of the best known journalist of current time. Until then we just have to wait for the new updates regarding his sexual orientation. And for that keep in touch with Frostsnow.