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Home Gossip Retired American Actress Susan Dey's Earning From her Profession and Net Worth She has Achieved

Retired American Actress Susan Dey's Earning From her Profession and Net Worth She has Achieved

Blueprince Wed Sep, 2018
Retired American Actress Susan Dey's Earning From her Profession and Net Worth She has Achieved

Susan Hallock Dey, also known as Susan Dey is a retired American actress from the 70s. Susan is well known for her portrayal of Laurie Partridge from the sitcom The Partridge Family, which was aired from 1970 till 1974.

The retired actress has acted in several TV shows during her time, from which she had an impressive earning, which now can be seen in her net worth. Today we see her earnings and the net worth she has achieved from her profession.

Susan Dey's net worth: $10 million

Despite staying out of the entertainment business for almost a decade the American actress, Susan Dey still has an estimated net worth of $10 million, which she entirely earned from her profession of acting.


Though her personal earnings and salary have not been disclosed, she has acted in a total of nine films which have earned pretty well. Her movie Looker was able to gather $3,281,232 according to box office records.

CAPTION: Retired actress Susan Dey
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Susan's other movies like Echo Park, First Love and Skyjacked have earned $700,000, $9.4 million and $6,550,000 respectively, from which she might have a received a fair share, which in turn all added up in her current net worth.

Susan Dey's Career

Susan Dey was previously a model before entering the TV biz and her first break was for the cover photo of Pursettes tampons.

Television shows

Susan Dey was 17 years of age when she got the part of Laurie Partridge for the TV sitcom The Partridge Family. She has also co-acted in the  Loves Me, Loves Me Not in 1977.

CAPTION: Retired actress Susan Dey as Laurie Partridge
SOURCE: Huffington Post

Susan also portrayed the role of Grace Van Owen, a district attorney who later becomes a judge in the L.A. Law. She went onto win a Golden Globe Award for the category of Actress in a Leading Role for a Drama Series in 1988.

The retired actresses' other works in television shows include Love & War, an American sitcom aired on CBS.


Retired actress Susan Dey, who is married to Bernard Sofronski made her first debut into the films with the role of Charlton Heston in Skyjacked in 1972. She also played the role of a disturbed young mother in the movie Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night a film from 1977. That same year she acted alongside William Katt, in a Joan Darling movie titled First Love.

CAPTION: Retired actress Susan Dey in Skyjacked
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In 1981 she appeared opposite to Albert Finney for the science fiction movie Looker. She also played the lead role as a struggling waitress cum actress, who takes up the job of a stripper, in 1986's film Echo Park.


Susan Dey, in 1972 was also credited for being the author for the book titled Susan Dey's Secrets on Boys, Beauty, and Popularity. The book is currently at a sales price os $35 on the Amazon market.