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Home Gossip Regional Administrator Andrew Velasquez: "Hidden Facts of his life".

Regional Administrator Andrew Velasquez: "Hidden Facts of his life".

Monika Sun May, 2016

Andrew Velasquez is a metal singer of American nationality who has managed to accumulate the critical acclaim and fame from a huge number of fans across the world at the mere age of 22. His singing skills have surely made an impact on metal fans all across the world and have managed to give him the net worth of a huge amount, the numerical value of which has not been disclosed. Do you know the hidden facts and details of his life?

Andrew was born in Texas and is also known as Andy Leo. He has also been known to be the lead vocalist for the metal core band Crown the Empire. He has been known all across the world, not only for his unclean vocals but also for his clean vocals too. Andrew is not only a singer but a keen keyboard artist too. The band members of his band Crown the Empire include the likes of guitarists Brandon Hoover and Benn Suede as well as bassist Hayden Tree.

Andrew considers himself as a geeky dude and has been indulged with his high school friends who are his band mates. He has not been known to be in an affair with anyone from the singing fraternity. He however has a girlfriend and is found posting several pictures of him with her on his site Instagram.

He has also not been rumored to have undergone any break up yet and at the age of 22, he has managed to become extremely successful on social networking sites such as the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. He has been indulged in tours with his bands, which has further popularized him amongst fans of the metal genre. He is certainly at the height of his career and will surely continue to maintain his popularity amongst fans in the time to come.