A Rat Snake Discovered in a Shopping Carts at Walmart in Texas

Updated On 27 May, 2019 Published On

Shopping markets can be dangerous sometimes!

Well, a rat snake was discovered in a shopping cart in a Walmart in Texas. One of the attendants at the Walmart in Texas was scared as hell after surprisingly finding a large rat snake hiding in a group of shopping carts on Friday.

Highlighting the incident, The Northeast Police Department took to Facebook to address the incident and said that the snake had found its way to the mart at the return area of the Walmart that is located in North of Dallas.

In a statement, the police department said,

A loud scream across the parking lot at Walmart drew the attention of a NEPD Officer who was patrolling the area, at dusk this evening

Following the incident, a man named John Heckaman, also recognized as The Snake Charmer was called to help relocate the snake. 

A CAPTION: A rat snake was found in a Walmart SOURCE: Fox News

According to the police, Heckman was bitten once as he tried to take control of the snake. The police said,

Recent heavy rains are forcing a lot of snakes out of their natural habitats, and this goes to show, that they can turn up just about anywhere

Found in fields and woodlands across Texas, Rat snakes are non-poisonous. According to the National Wildlife Federation, it is mainly found in Connecticut, the Carolinas, Kansas and Oklahoma.