Randall Park: actor who potrayed Kim Jong-Un in 'The Interview' busy filming for two movies

Updated On 10 May, 2016 Published On

Randall Park is not only an actor rather he is also a comedian writer who has written good scripts with great success. Being also a writer and director, he is earning a good position with busy schedule across the market. This 42 age personality, after playing in The Interview during the year 2014 as Kim Jong-Un has reached the top position of him within the market.

Further, he also worked in Veep and being a son of American restaurateur, he is also helping work with his father by side. Starting past 2003, being active in the entertainment industry, he indicates now of having a busy schedule.

There are few current projects that have been approached to Randall and he is going through it. He is unknown whether he will assign it or not as an actor as he is busy with his current writing and directing some new projects. Earning net worth in increasing amount he seems a family oriented man, but his profile is totally disclosed. He is living with his wife having a healthy family he is proud of his married life. But he has not made his spouse with a public presence in the current stage. It is sure his wife is not a media personality till today as once they were captured in the mall he ignored making any explanation to the media.

Park stated that working in “The Interview” was among the challenging work ever undertaken by him. It was not easy for him, however, with great faith and enthusiasm, he focused on working on it. Facing no rumor and controversies, he has maintained a positive impact among the public. He is also captured time and again with his children in cafes but he better loves explaining any facts about his family. His public profile has also high fan following. Mostly, he can be featured on Twitter with his posts.