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Home Gossip Ralph Ineson Is Married To His Wife Ali Ineson: Know About Their Relationship and Children

Ralph Ineson Is Married To His Wife Ali Ineson: Know About Their Relationship and Children

Sabina Gartaula Fri Mar, 2018
Ralph Ineson Is Married To His Wife Ali Ineson: Know About Their Relationship and Children

Ralph Michael Ineson, a.k.a. Ralph Ineson, is an English born actor, and he is currently married to the co-founder of MRA PR, a company based in Wimbledon Ali Ineson. The married couple has been together for 24 years which is impressive for Hollywood couple. They seem to have a solid relationship as husband Ralph has supported his wife in a controversy which we will talk about below. 

Moving on, Ralph, who is 48-years-old, is an elite actor and has appeared in some hit films with massive followings like Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Harry Potter sequels. 

As of 2018, the actor is all set to appear in some awaited films like The Hurricane Heist starring Maggie Grace; and Ready Player One starring Olivia Cooke and Tye Sheridan

Nonetheless, here we are going to discuss the actor's relationship with his wife Ali Ineson and their children. 

Ralph Ineson married to wife Ali Ineson: How many children do they have?

Ralph is a very classy man, and he is known to keep his personal life as private as possible. However, it is known widely that he is currently married to wife Ali Ineson, co-founder of MRA PR who also served as a make-up artist and editor for Warpaint magazine


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There are no details about how the pair met and when they started dating, but it seems they hit it off quite well right at their first meeting. They got married back in 1993, and it has been 24-years since.

Despite the two decades long marital relationship, there are no rumors about the pair splitting or getting a divorce.

Ralph Ineson and Ali Ineson children

Ralph and Ali from their two-decades-long marriage had two children. They have two children, a son and a daughter named Luc Ineson and Becky Ineson.

The parents have done their best to reveal as less information about their children as possible because details about their date of birth, age and others are unknown. 



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However, the father can be spotted uploading picture of his daughter on his Instagram on occasions. Back in 2017, he even took her on the sets of Absentia. Fans can expect to see her on the big screen like her father soon. She has already started working on her acting skills. According to Ralph, she has begun working on theater. 


Fun times on #absentia set in Bulgaria with daughter and squad

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But his daughter is not his first priority when it comes to sharing with his fans. His Instagram is filled with pictures of his Great Dane having a good time. 

Mama Ali Ineson was denied drinks at a pub while she was with her children

Back in 2011, when Luc and Becky were quite young, mama Ali and her partner Emma Rutherford went to a pub located in central London with their four children. 

The duo just wanted to chill with their children and each other ordering soda for the youngsters and a white wine spritzer and vodka for themselves. However, it did not go as they planned. According to reports, the bartender denied to serve them drinks because he found it inappropriate for the ladies to drink in front of their children. 

Ali Ineson with partner Emma Rutherford and children

Ali Ineson with partner Emma Rutherford and children

Source: The Telegraph

The bartender had no problem with the presence of the kids as he happily served them their soda but the adults were denied the service. It was also reported that the mother stayed outside the pub while the children finished off their drink. 

Moreover, sources claim that Ralph was frustrated when he heard the news and wanted to take all the children he knew to the pub and order a pint. 

Ralph Ineson with wife  Ali Ineson

Ralph Ineson with wife  Ali Ineson

Source: Zimbio

Nonetheless, it has been quite some time the incident happened. We assume the star-struck couple has already forgotten about the incident.