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Home Gossip Ralph Ineson has Acted in Game of Thrones, Harry Potter & Star Wars: What Could his Net Worth Be?

Ralph Ineson has Acted in Game of Thrones, Harry Potter & Star Wars: What Could his Net Worth Be?

Ayush Rayamajhi Sat Mar, 2018
Ralph Ineson has Acted in Game of Thrones, Harry Potter & Star Wars: What Could his Net Worth Be?

English actor Ralph Ineson gained the viewers' attention after his role as Chris Finch in the British sitcom The Office, where he appeared alongside Ricky Gervais. During that time, Ralph also appeared with Johnny Depp in the mystery horror film From Hell.

Ralph's early career features his striking roles in numerous British drama series, including his appearance in the first season of BBC One's Spooks, where he portrayed the character of an ex-soldier, Sam Walker, for which he received critical acclaim while his net worth was taking a shape with his steady career.


It's a 'dad of a teenage girl thing' you wouldn't understand #okifiletyouwillyoushutup?

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Stay tuned while we will be elaborating about the British born's net worth and also peek inside the salary details from his renowned roles from his acting career as well as his lifestyle.

 Ralph Ineson: Net Worth, Salary

Ineson is also part of George R. R. Martin's popular novel-turned-series Game of Thrones saga since its first season. His character in the series, named Dagmer Cleftjaw, is still moving on even as we head towards the finale of the series which is expected to be released sometime next year 9the date of release of the last season is yet to be disclosed).

Ralph Ineson

Ralph Ineson

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Ineson's salary in the series Game of Thrones ranges from $50K to $90 thousand per episode depending on the length of his appearance. Though this might sound like a lot of money, it is puny compared with the salary per episode of Kit Harrington, who earns a splendid $500 thousand for every episode he is in. 

Ralph's current net worth is estimated to be around $1.3 million. He recently co-starred with Toby Kebbell and Maggie Grace in the action film The Hurricane Heist.


‘Finchy’ goes to Hollywood...

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Ineson's Hollywood career mostly comprises of mystical characters, which, apart from Games of Thrones, also includes his role in the last three installments of the Harry Potter series which earned him a salary of around $600K from the total of three films. He bagged over $90K playing Ravager Pilot in the 2014 Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, starring Chris Pratt.

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Moreover, Ralph was also cast in the second part of Star Wars sequel trilogy in 2017 along with Sherlock. He also starred in the 2015 supernatural horror film The Witch. 

Furthermore, Ineson's income also involves his earnings from his work behind the screen as he has narrated several TV programs on Discovery Channel. He has also worked for BBC Radio 4. He also gave his voice in the video game adaptation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part Two and voiced Charles Vane in Assassin's Creed IV. He also narrated BBC One's Countryside 999.

Ralph Ineson: Career and Early Life

Ineson got his acting training from Lancaster University where he majored in Theatre Studies. Then later he started teaching at York Sixth Form College and also coached the college cricket team for some duration before he joined BBC One.

Ralph Ineson in Suburban Shootout

Ralph Ineson and Tom Hiddleston in Suburban Shootout

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In 2006, Channel 5 announced that Ralph would be starring in the black comedy TV series Suburban Shootout along with another English actor Tom Hiddleston. He also had a small role in Walking Dead, where he appears in the seventh-season episode Wound, while he appeared in another small role in the 2015 spy film Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Ineson will be appearing in the upcoming Netflix anthology series The Ballad of Buster Scruggs alongside actors like  Liam Neeson and James Franco.