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Radhika Jones Biography

Radhika Jones

Facts of Radhika Jones

Date of Birth: 1973
Birth Nation: United States

Quick Timeline of Radhika Jones

1973 Born in New York
2010 Got married with Max Peterson
2017 Started working on Vanity Fair

Detail Timeline of Radhika Jones


Born in New York

Radhika Jones is currently 44 years of age. She was born in 1973. She is of Asian-American ethnicity. Her mother is Indian and father is American. The two eloped and got married in France. 


Got married with Max Peterson

As she started posting tweets and articles mentioning her husband since 2010, we are assuming that she got married in the same year. However, there is no exact date of her marriage anywhere on the internet. 

December 11 , 2017

Started working on Vanity Fair

A little back in November 2017, Vanity Fair's media owners announced that Radhika will be the net editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair. She started working there from December 11, 2017. 


Radhika Jones was born in 1973  in New York to an Indian mother, Marguerite Jones and American father, Robert L. Jones and is currently 44 years of age. She has a brother and a sister and they together grew up in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Radhika was a very bright student from the start.

She holds degrees from Harvard College and Columbia University. Chris Hughes, Jeff Zucker, Jonathan Steinberg are also graduates of Harvard University. She did her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and English from Columbia University.

Radhika Jones is the first women to hold the post of editor in Vanity Fair after Tina Brown. She held the post from 1984-1992. She received this position because of her familiarity with art, celebrities, journalism, and publishing. With her deep experience in prestigious magazines, Radhika is considered to be perfectly right fit for a magazine like Vanity Fair.

Talking about Jones’ family, her sister is already married, and she has several nieces with whom she loves to spend her time with. Her father regularly watches movies and because of that Jones often gifts him DVDs. As her father and mother were to two different ethnicities, they eloped in Paris, France, 47 years ago, and Radhika is extremely proud of this. She never forgets to tweet and wish their parents on their anniversary. Radhika Jones’ ethnicity is Asian-American.

Once, in a post on The New York Times, Radhika wrote, “I might define myself as an American writer, but to others, I will always be an Indian-American writer.” Her work has appeared in many magazines like The Paris Review, Bookforum, The New York Times Book Review, etc.

Radhika is currently living happily with her husband Max Peterson and her son in Brooklyn. She often tweets about her husband. Back in 2011, she tweeted about her husband, ‘Me: didn’t watch Super Bowl. Husband: went to Super Bowl party, won the $1K pool.’ Somewhere around 2010, she had mentioned her husband in an article called, ‘A Week in Culture.'

Recently on November 2017, media owners of Vanity Fair officially announced that they appointed Jones for the post of editor-in-chief. She started working on 11th December 2017. Her starting payment is about $500,000. Whereas the former editor, Graydon Carter had the salary of $2 million. Hence, it is obvious that her salary will increase in coming years. As she is earning in six figures annually, she must have a net worth in seven-digits.