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Home Gossip Rachel Ticotin's Unsuccessful Marriage with Ex-husband David Caruso, she is now with Peter Strauss

Rachel Ticotin's Unsuccessful Marriage with Ex-husband David Caruso, she is now with Peter Strauss

Chandra Rana Tue Dec, 2017
Rachel Ticotin's Unsuccessful Marriage with Ex-husband David Caruso, she is now with Peter Strauss

Many celebrities in the Hollywood have gone through many unsuccessful marriages, so has Rachel Ticotin, the Con Air American actress. But, the life gives second chance to everyone and Rachel after her unsuccessful marriage with her first husband, David Caruso, got married to Peter Strauss.

Rachel, also a mother of her daughter, is making everyone curious about her married life. Is her marriage with Peter going well? Let's know about the married life of Rachel and know her past relationship along with her child.

Married life of Rachel Ticotin and husband Peter Strauss

Rachel and Peter first met in 1998 at the Snow Summit Ski Resort, during their holidays. The first encounter was enough for their relationship to start.

 After a couple of dates, the two became lovers and later got married in the same year on December 31, 1998.

Rachel Ticotin with her second husband Peter Strauss

Rachel and her second husband, Peter Strauss

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Really, it has been more than 19 years since their marriage and yet the couple is still together. They have together proved that Hollywood, and the entertainment industry, does not necessarily destroy marriages, as is often said. 

Peter and Rachel together

Peter and Rachel in the premiere of NBC's, Law & Order: Los Angeles

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But, even though the couple is married for all these years, they are yet to share the parenthood of their own children. Well, you must be thinking about her daughter, right? She is from Rachel's previous marriage and not Peter's child. 

Children of Rachel and Peter

Rachel, who has experienced the motherhood only once, gave birth to her daughter, Greta Caruso, on June 1, 1984, with David. Greta is not just famous for being the daughter of a celebrity, she is also popular for starring the role of Lieutenant Horatio Caine in the TV series CSI: Miami.

Greta Caruso

Daughter of David and Rachel, Greta Caruso

Source: MarthaStewart

And as for the children of Peter, he fathered a son, Justin Strauss, with his former wife Nicole Fons. But the details of his son hve not been revealed yet.

Past affairs of Rachel Ticotin

Rachel was in a marital relationship with her former husband, David Caruso, as they got married in 1983. But, some are not meant for each other and they got divorced in 1989

David Caruso

American actor, David Caruso

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The split was not new for David as he already was married to Cheri Maugans on March 30, 1979. He divorced her on February 21, 1984.

After his split with Rachel, David took a long break before marrying Margaret Buckley on May 4, 1996. However, David later divorced her on January 17, 2007. Well, the reasons for the split were mysterious as when it was with Rachel. 

Similarly, Peter Strauss, Rachel Ticotin's current husband, also has had failed past affairs as he got divorced with his first wife, Beverly Baker Paulding, on 11 December 1979. The two were married on January 21, 1973. He also got divorced with his second wife, Nicole Fons, in 1984 before ending the marriage of 1983.

Well, past is past. Both Rachel Ticotin and Peter Strauss have been married for more than 20 years and have overcome all odds to stay together.

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