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Home Gossip Rachel Bonnetta dating two boyfriends together. Alex and Errict are the cute boyfriends

Rachel Bonnetta dating two boyfriends together. Alex and Errict are the cute boyfriends

Rabina Koirala Tue Nov, 2016
Rachel Bonnetta dating two boyfriends together. Alex and Errict are the cute boyfriends

The hot and sexy sports news anchor Rachel Bonnetta stormed the internet when she tweeted about her boyfriend. And not just one boyfriend- she tweeted bragging about her two new cute boyfriends. She had shared an Instagram photo with the caption "Meet my new boyfriends Alex & Errict?? #thecutest"

Fans and followers were shocked by the revelation made by Rachel. Everyone was eager to see who the two boyfriends were. And they were in for quite a pleasant shock when they saw the photo she had shared in Instagram of her boyfriend/s.


Meet my new boyfriends Alex & Errict?? #thecutest

A photo posted by Rachel Bonnetta (@rachelbonnetta) on

Rachel actually had shared a picture of two cute kids. She was sharing space with them and their family during a game she was covering.


Rachel's Boyfriend


Rachel gave quite a shock to her fans and followers back then with that deceiving caption in her tweet and Instagram post. Everyone was quite happy to know that the boyfriends she mentioned were not even of legal age.

Nevertheless, Alex and Errict, Rachel's alleged boyfriends were looking so very cute along side Rachel.

Other than that, Rachel has also mentioned having a boyfriend a couple of other times. 

She even called a guy in her instagram photos "the man of her dreams".


man of my dreams??

A photo posted by Rachel Bonnetta (@rachelbonnetta) on


Rachel's Affair


Even though Rachel has been giving out subtle hints about her personal life, it is still unclear whether she is seriously having an affair or not. She has not been seen publicly displaying her relationship details even though she is quite active in social media.

So whether Rachel is having an affair with the guy in her Instagram photos or she is just enjoying her rising career, we can only guess!


Rachel's career


MLS digital star Rachel Bonnetta joined FOX Sports earlier this year to become the newest member of their video show "The Buzzer".

Rachel, who began her career at Toronto FC as host of their video channel, had joined in early 2015 to be the face of their digital network. During 2015, she became one of the brightest stars off the field at MLS, scoring several memorable interviews and segments, as well as hosting the MLS Now and Off Topic With Rachel Bonnetta shows.

According to a World Soccer Talk source, ESPN wanted to hire her as Digital Talent for the ESPN FC website, but FOX Sports managed to secure Bonnetta’s signature. She has made the move from New York and will be residing in Los Angeles moving forward.

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