Protests sweep across America after Donald Trump's win.

Updated On 09 Nov, 2016 Published On

History has been created and now it is not even a wonder that Donald John Trump is indeed the 45th President of America.

However, the election results have left the world stunned. In fact, Donald Trump had a lot of leg pulling with many of his own party members not supporting him. To put it simply there were a lot of criticisms and accusations happening all over for the newest decision of the American citizens there is a slight added twist in this story. Although the whole world has literally vented out their opinion about it in many of the social sites the latest buzz is this just does not end up virtually as people are indeed coming down in the streets to express their disapproval.

Anti-Trump protests have swept across the country in just one night and America has been having a lot of angst against the new president. While the Republican voters are cheering and celebrating the occasion the other side of the story is also there that the protestors have come down on the street and have actually been shouting that thy do not accept this decision of Trump being the new president.IN several of the US cities rallies and protests have broken out and people are taking no fear in sharing their opinion that they do not favor this decision at all.

Many students in California walked down in the streets while some even set fire to rubbish cans in Oakland and Seattle. Along with that roads too were blocked in Oregon.

The new president, however, has kept mum on this issue and has not spoken a word and it will be interesting to see what the next move the US government will take now.

Donald Trump won the president elections on the 8th of November by winning against Hillary Clinton by 279 electoral votes.