Previously Unknown Facts About North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un

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Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea, inherited the position from his father Kim Jong-il. He indeed is one of the most talked-about people in the world when it comes to politics and world news. Kim is known for being a ruthless dictator who consolidated his power by eliminated numerous senior leaders of his country whom he saw as a threat. The dictator has an estimated net worth of $5 billion and has been serving as the supreme leader of North Korea since 2011. 

He is one of the well-known people in the world,  maybe not for the right reasons, but nonetheless, he is well recognized all over the world. However, despite his fame, very little is known about the leader when it comes to his childhood. Many sources claim that he attended school in Switzerland. While his days in the country, he lived under a disguise as the son of an employee at the North Korea embassy and was named Pak Un.

The dictator himself has not said anything about it, but many of his classmates claimed that Pak Un was none other than Kim. One of his close friends at school even had a lot to say about Kim. 

Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong-Un

Source: NBC News

Here we are going to share some previously unknown facts about leader Kim Jong-Un and some information spilled by his school friend. 

Kim Jong-un loves basketball and is friends with NBA star Dennis Rodman

During an interview, one of Kim's close school friends revealed that Kim was a huge basketball fan and, during high-school, they played together a lot. Kim even owned a large collection of Nike trainers. Moreover, he also shared that the future dictator was a big fan of Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan was his idol. 

Kim Jong-Un with NBA-star Dennis Rodman

Kim Jong-Un with NBA-star Dennis Rodman

Source: CBS News

Moving on to the present, the dictator is still obsessed with basketball and is very close friends with Dennis Rodman, a former NBA star. They met back in 2013 and Kim even showed the basketball player his personal island. To date, Rodman has made numerous trips to North Korea and they have been captured together numerous times. 

Kim Jong-un's birth date and childhood has always been kept in the dark

Kim's date of birth is a huge mystery. He was born somewhere between 1982 to 1984. some officials have said that he was born in 1982, but sources claim that he changed his date of birth to make himself look older and mature. 

If the sources are correct, it makes him the youngest leader in the world. But with his real age concealed there is no way to verify this claim. 

Likewise, details about his childhood have also been concealed. Many photos of his childhood during his days in Switzerland have surfaced on the internet, with other students in the photo claiming that the person in the photo is none other than Kim himself. 

Kim Jong-Un during his school years in Switzerland

Kim Jong-Un during his school years in Switzerland


However, Kim has not shared any pictures of his childhood until now. 

Kim Jong-un's addiction to Swiss cheese

Reports say that Kim spends hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to import Swiss cheese to his country. He is basically addicted to cheese. It hardly matters him that his people are famished while he his adding weight. 

Kim Jong-Un Swiss Cheese