Prabal Gurung Celebrates Female Beauty and Resilience with Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid at NYFW Show

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Prabal Gurung, the Nepali-origin fashion designer celebrated in the U.S., picked up the theme of strength and grace of women for his latest creations displayed at the New York Fashion Week 2018. The show was opened by model Gigi Hadid, while her sister Bella Hadid ended it.

Gurung, who was raised in the Himalayan republic (back then a kingdom) by a single mother, said that he wanted to go ahead with the show amid recent struggle to address cases of sexual abuse and harassment.

Fashion designer Prabal Gurung has taken the theme of womenhood for NYFW 2018

Fashion designer Prabal Gurung has chosen the theme of womanhood for NYFW 2018

Source: Hill House Home

Gurung said about his color choice that the bright, vibrant pink he had used in the show were inspired by Gulabi Gang, a group of vigilante women's activists in northern India.

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He said,

They adorn themselves in pink saris symbolic of their self-proclaimed power and fearlessness.

Similarly, the dress that Bella wore at the end of the show, featuring bright purples, blues and reds, was partly inspired by the Mosuo tribe of China, which is led by women.

Celebrity couple Cardi B and Offset were also present during the event.