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Home Gossip All About American Vlogger-Youtuber Boogie2988: His Profession, Earnings, And Net Worth

All About American Vlogger-Youtuber Boogie2988: His Profession, Earnings, And Net Worth

Blueprince Tue Jul, 2018
All About American Vlogger-Youtuber Boogie2988: His Profession, Earnings, And Net Worth

Steve Jason Williams, also popular as Boogie2988 or just Boogie, is a 43 years old American Youtuber and vlogger. He is often criticized for his unusual behavior on his YouTube videos. Boogie may be a stubborn guy for somebody, but again, he is one of the highest earning YouTuber and his net Worth well defines it.

Besides, Boogie’s weight loss is the other thing that took the world by storm. In this article, we will go deep into his income, profession and the properties he owns. We will also know about the weight loss he went through. Let's get started.

Boogie2988’s Net Worth

Boggie2988 has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million. The Youtuber cum Vlogger earns about $4.4k to $70 k on a monthly basis.

He has no other sources of income other than his Youtube channel. Most of his earnings come from the subscribers he has on his Youtube channel. His videos are viewed by many people and many of his videos already have over 662 million views. Not to mention, but his earning from his YouTube channel add a major part on his net worth.

CAPTION: Boogie2988
SOURCE: facebook

His youtube channel has about 3.9 million subscribers, which is almost half as compared to PopularMMOs who has 8 million subscribers as of February 2017. But still, 3.9 million is a big number.

Boogie2988 channel has attracted over 773 million views, earning him an estimated revenue of $270,000 annually.

The channel Boogie2988 is boosted mostly by music sales on iTunes, revenue from his twitch account and the payment of his fans which he receives via Patreon and Paypal accounts

He is also into charity works and supports the Affordable Care Act and believes he would lose his insurance without it.

Boogie2988 Profession and weight loss

Boggie2988’s content is all about gaming and the news related to it/his first video upload was 49-second long in which he plays Dungeons and Dragons with his friend.

Steven mostly does comedy sketches, gameplay videos and, parodies almost like sssniperwolf, who is currently in a relationship with another youtube colleague Evan Sausage. He also runs another Vlog channel which focuses mostly on issues of life and experiences.

Steve has three youtube accounts to his name. Boggie2988 has 3,525,917 subscribers and about 530,234,587 views. His other account Boggiedown550 has 62,287 subscribers and 2,217,645 views. The third account is Boogie Plays Games with about 264,540 subscribers and has 7,757,847 views.

His website was once hacked, which he later recovered with the assistance of “VidCon”

He paired up with ‘McJuggerNuggets’ for making a series on McJuhggerNuggest’s YouTube channel in 2016.

Boogie is also a very good singer and has uploaded a couple of videos singing karaoke.

His most video is Draw My life, where he talks about medical sufferings and other scenarios that he went through in his life.

Weight loss

Boggie2988, who recently divorced his wife, was a hot topic on the internet when he announced in April 2017 that he was planning to undergo a surgery.

CAPTION: Steve with his ex-wife
SOURCE: heightline

Williams is obese and has experienced type 2 diabetes before. His weight was 587 lbs or 266 kgs at the time. He underwent a bariatric surgery, starting with a gastric bypass surgery.

The surgery was conducted in June 2018, and since then, his body weight has reduced to 365 lbs(166 kgs). Steve stated it’s the lowest weight he has experienced since high school.

Boogie2988 Shares How Youtube Saved His Life On Gamespot

Although Boogie2988 has been active on YouTube for a really long time, it was only recently that he spoke on how YouTube saved his life. The YouTube star recently in an interview with Gamespot revealed how YouTube has become an important part of his life. 

Check out the interview here.

Well, it seems, the YouTuber has spoken his heart. We wish him a successful career ahead. Be with us for updates.