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Home Gossip A Sneak Peek Into Actress/Singer Keke Palmer's Career: Her Properties and Net Worth In 2018

A Sneak Peek Into Actress/Singer Keke Palmer's Career: Her Properties and Net Worth In 2018

Nisha Bohara Wed Jun, 2018
A Sneak Peek Into Actress/Singer Keke Palmer's Career: Her Properties and Net Worth In 2018

Renowned for her acting skills and numerous albums release Lauren Keyana Palmar is popular as Keke Palmer among her fans. Apart from her tremendous achievement in acting, Keke has also managed to flourish herself in the arena of singing. Keke is a woman full of talents which make her American actress, songwriter, singer, and presenter. 

Her career in singing and acting has helped to earn huge fandom. Apart from this, she has also earned a good net worth. The actress is estimated to have a net worth in millions. Not only this, but she manages to earn good amount of salary from her career as well. Find out more about her with us.

Keke- Career Beginnings in Acting and Singing

Interested in acting since childhood Keke auditioned for a stage performance in The Lion King in 2002 at the age nine. However, she didn’t manage to get the role. But in 2004, she gained an opportunity to debut in the movie Barbershop 2: Back in Business. 

After the movie, she moved to California and started to pursue her career in both acting and singing. Having been interested at singing since childhood in 2003 she participated in The American Idol Juniors series. However, the show didn’t telecast and as it got canceled due to sponsors issues.

CAPTION: Keke Palmer

Later in the year 2005, she signed a contract with Atlantic Records for her first single All My Girlz. In 2005, Palmer got an opportunity to get featured in television film Knights of the South Bronx, which was followed by television programs Second Time Around and ER.

On November 18, 2006, Keke gave her first stadium performance in the Home Depot Center in Carson, California. Adding up as per the contract with Disney she also sang the song  It's My Turn Now and Jumpin a part of  Disney Channel Original Movie Jump In!. In 2006, Palmer got featured in Ludacris and Mary J. Blige song Runaway Love. 

True Jackson, VP, and music

In the year 2007, Palmer acted in various movies and series like Cleaner, Jump In Tyler Perry's House of Payne and Just Jordan. Later on September 18, 2007, she released her So Uncool with the help of Atlantic Records.

Following up, she also released her single Keep It Movin'. In 2008, Palmer appeared in the title character of Nickelodeon True Jackson, VP. Palmer also starred as the lead role in the film The Longshots.

Similarly, in the year 2010, Palmer was signed for Jimmy Iovine album. In January 2011, she managed to release her first mixtape Awaken. In 2012, Palmer starred alongside Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah in the film Joyful Noise, released in January 2012.

She was also involved in the production of Nickelodeon musical film Rags. Apart from her handful actings she also got involved in releasing her single "You Got Me" that featured Kevin McCall. On October 1, 2012, Palmer released her mixtape which includes her singles like  You Got Me and Dance Alone. And her career at singing and acting continued to flourish in the coming years too.

What is Palmer up to now?

Talking about her current affairs and works Palmer is engaged in releasing her third full-length studio album Bossy. When asked about the type of album she is going to release next she said:

"What you can expect theme-wise is much of what you’re going to be getting from Bossy. Now, of course, you’re going to have different subject matter like love, business, and independence"

Keke also added,

 “I really want to be able to have an album where people can ride and girls can really just vibe with it and really have fun and just be in the car like, ‘Yes girl!’ So it’s still gonna be something fun, even if I am talking about something deep. You’re going to get more up-tempos than you’re going to get slow records"

Keke Palmer's net worth

Started her career at small age Keke Palmer is worth of $7.5 Million. She has achieved her net worth from her tremendous acting skills and soothing voice. In 2008 she received an amount of $20,000 for each episode of True Jackson, VP. She stood fourth during the time's fourth-highest-paid child star on television.

Keke also managed to earn $20 thousand each for her appearance in the first season and third season of  True Jackson in the year 2008,2009 and 2010 respectively.

As per the reports, her earning in the year 2008 was $520000. Similarly, she managed to earn an amount of $400000 the following year i.e. 2009. Her earnings in the year 2010 are $280000.

Additionally, her album also helps to raise her net worth. Her previous album The Most directed by J.A.T.H.A.N. also helped in adding up her net worth. Keke is preparing to release her next album Bossy soon. With the release of her album, her net worth is likely to raise up in near future. For riding purpose, she has Mercedes Benz Matte white E550.