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Home Gossip American Musician Don Henley Success With "Eagle"; His Life And Net Worth At Present

American Musician Don Henley Success With "Eagle"; His Life And Net Worth At Present

Kurt Thu Jun, 2018
American Musician Don Henley Success With

In the 70s, there was a band taking over the hearts of people and listener with their songs, and the band was Eagles. Don Henley was the drummer and co-lead vocalist of the band. The band itself was a huge hit, and he was an integral part for the band's success.

Henley is the singer behind one of the most historical songs in classic rock music Hotel California. Today the singer, songwriter and the drummer of Eagles is 70 years old, but the contribution he has made to music in his life is bigger than his age. We shall give you details about the life of this American gem.

History of Hits; A Look on Don Henley's Musical Journey

As mentioned earlier, Henley was the drummer of the legendary classic rock band Eagles. He alongside band members Glenn Frey, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner formed the band and their music was a revolution.

The band had five no.1 singles, six Grammy Awards, Five American Music Awards and six no.1 albums.  The 70's were all about Henley and his band Eagles.

CAPTION: Eagles In 70's
SOURCE: consequenceofsound

Henley sang many songs for Eagles and you can find his voice in many of their greatest hits such as Witchy Woman, Best of My Love, One of These Nights, Hotel California, Life in the Fast Lane, The Long Run and Get Over It.

Eagles were big hits of the 70 but the band would not stay together forever and after the band's break up in 1980, Henley pursued a solo career.

CAPTION: Henley Performing During Eagles Tour
SOURCE: songmango

On his solo run, Henley has released 5 solo albums and has given the world his solo hits which include songs like, Dirty Laundry, The Boys of Summer, All She Wants to Do Is Dance, The Heart of the Matter, The Last Worthless Evening, Sunset Grill, and The End of the Innocence.

Henley is one of the talented musicians of his time and is arguably one of the greatest singing drummers of all time.

One of the Wealthiest Drummer In History

The Eagles are one of the most successful band in the history in terms of sales as well as their music. They have sold more than 150 million records worldwide making them the best-selling bands in history.

Henley, the drummer of Eagles has the net worth of $200 million which puts him in the list of the top 5 wealthiest drummers in the world.

CAPTION: Henley Performing Live
SOURCE: peterviney

Henley's earnings are tied to his properties, endorsement deals and tours that he does. After the break up of the band, Eagles have not released any new songs. However, they have reunited and toured the world doing live performances and in 2014, Eagles earned $100 million from their tour alone.

CAPTION: Henley's House In West Hollywood
SOURCE: ultimateclassicrock

Henley owns three houses; a 3.6-acre compound in Dallas with a 16,000-square-foot mansion, a 40-acre property in Malibu and his more recent addition in West Hollywood Calif which he purchased for a price of $2.212 million.

He is a successful musician who lives a well-off and comfortable lifestyle.