Pooch Hall's Daughter Djaeda Hall: Know All The Details About Her Family And Career

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‘The Game’ actor Pooch Hall is quite renowned as an actor, model, and rapper. He has quite a huge fan base, and there are barely any fans who don’t know about his personal life. Pooch looks too young to be married, but he is actually a dad of 4 children. Among his four kids, Djaeda Hall is his second daughter.

A lot of people might be thinking Djaeda as a lucky girl to be born in the Hall family. Keep reading to find out about her family life and career:

Djaeda Hall's parents Pooch Hall and Linda's love story

The second child of the Hall family, Djaeda was born to dad Pooch Hall and mom Linda Hall. Pooch and Linda met for the first time in 1996 when Linda walked into Pooch’s life as a college freshman.

Djaeda Hall with her parents and siblings

Djaeda Hall with her parents and siblings

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The love affair between them bloomed soon after that. The casual friendship between them turned into a serious love and later into a marriage.

Djaeda Hall's has 3 siblings

Djaeda’s parents tied the knot in 1999. The pair gave birth to their eldest daughter Djanai in the same year. Eventually, Djaeda was born in 2007. The couple’s first son Djordan was born in 2009, and they welcomed their second, yet the youngest, son Djulian in 2016. This makes them the family of 6.

Djaeda Hall with her parents and siblings

Djaeda Hall with her parents and siblings

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Djaeda has 3 siblings to be exact. Her eldest sister Djanai has cerebral palsy and has to use a wheelchair. 

Djaeda Hall and Pooch Hall's career

Since Djaeda is only 10 years old right now, she hasn’t taken her sep in Hollywood. It seems like her dad doesn't want her to get into Hollywood as a child artist. Looks like, Djaeda is focused on her studies and wants to enjoy her private life as a normal kid.


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Yet, Pooch’s career is something that we prefer to talk. Pooch is best known as Derwin Davis on ‘The Game’. The 2011 movie ‘Jumping the Broom’ also brought a lot of success and fame into Pooch’s life. As of now, he appears as Daryll Donovan in the drama ‘Ray Donovan’. He was also seen as Muhammad Ali in a biopic named ‘Chuck.'

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Djaeda is too young to get into the movie industry right now. However, we are pretty sure that the future of Hollywood film industry is in the safe hand. 

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