No Place To Set A Funeral Pyre, Parent Bound To Abandon A Dead Child In The Flood In Terai

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The continuous rainfall and landslide have killed over 111 persons and dozens are missing in various parts of the country, especially Teria region. Likewise, on Monday, a newborn child who was found dead close to the Gaidi Bridge in Krishna Sawaran Rural Municipality-2 of Saptari, has made everyone's heart cry.

The photo of a baby floating in the river is really heart wrenching and is in itself the reflection of the grief and sorrow that has been invited by the flood.

As per the report, the baby was abandoned in the river by the child's maternal uncle Dev Kumar Sada.

Dev Kumar Sada carries a dead body of newborn child

Dev Kumar Sada carries a dead body of newborn child

Source: OnlineKhabar

This photo was taken by EPA (European Photo Agency) journalist, Narendra Shrestha who was at Saptari to capture the emotional side of flood victims. The journalist later revealed the name of the child to be Kamal Sada who was ill for several days.

Because of the heavy rainfall, disrupt roads and the flood, the child could not be taken to the hospital which finally led to the child's death.

As per the journalist Shrestha, the father of a child was in Dharan-where he works as a labor-when the incident happened. Besides, the child's mother drowned herself to death following the death of her child.

Dev Kumar holding a dead body of newborn child Kamal Sada

Dev Kumar holding a dead body of newborn child Kamal Sada

Source: eKantipur

Shrestha, who was present at Saptari to take the pictures of the flood, was taken aback after he heard about the incident from the villagers that there was no land left to bury the child's dead body. He said:

"I have heard the child body can be buried but floating the body was the surprising thing to me."

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He followed the child's maternal uncle Dev Kumar to the Koshi river as he abandoned the child's dead body in the river. Shrestha said the incident to be extremely emotional. 

Dev Kumar passing the dead child, Kamal Sada in the river

Dev Kumar passing the dead child, Kamal Sada in the river

Source: eKantipur

Talking about the incident, Shrestha recalls:

"I was very close to the scene and my lens made even closer. The scene was extremely emotional and at the same time heart touching. But it is the duty, I hardly captured the photo."

After the release of the photo, some of the people criticized saying those kinds of the photo should not be published but Shrestha thought the photo really reflects the impact of the flood. 

The photo has even been noticed by BBC.

After the baby floated in the Koshi river, local people suddenly informed the police in the wake of locating the child's body in the waterway. Police said an investigation to this is going on.

A newborn baby was found dead in Saptari river

A newborn baby Kamal Sada was found dead in Saptari river

Source: Ratopati

Deputy Superintendent of Police Yadav Raj Upreti said it was affirmed that the child's had brought forth an infant in nearby well-being health post at around 12:00 am yesterday and returned home with a baby.

In the interim, the body of the perished infant has been sent to the Gajendra Narayan Singh Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital for the post-mortem, the DSP informed.

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