Plane Crashes at California Airport With Nobody on Board, Not Even Pilot

Updated On 31 Jan, 2019 Published On

A single-engine small plane, namely Beech V35B, crashed at Modesto Airport in Northern California. No one - not even its pilot - was on board, officials confirmed on Wednesday, January 30.

According to police, the plane's owner was working on the aircraft and trying to get it to start but he was unsuccessful to do so.

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After he walked away from the plane, the engine started rolling down the runway. Eyewitnesses said the aircraft took off at speeds of approx. 40 miles per hour. It clipped a parked car before crashing into a chain-link fence.

According to Modesto Police Department Sgt. Mark Phillips, the plane changed direction hitting the vehicle after which it shifted its path away from an occupied hangar. The fence prevented the aircraft from getting onto a road near the airport.

Mark said, "If it was to get over that [grass] and get onto [the road], we would really have had a problem on our hands trying to stop that plane with nobody inside it".

The plane suffered significant damage but no one got injured during the incident.