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Published On Dec 16, 2016
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Philip is one of the successful personalities who doesn’t seem to be active in social media but he uses a Twitter account relating his nutrition plans. His height and age is not mentioned. But his height should be above 5 and his age should be above 40.

Philip runs several nutrition programs including; metabolic plans and G plans. Both the plans are based on food and nutrition.

Philip is married to Erika Eleniak on May 22, 1998. His wife, Erika Eleniak is a former model and actress. Their relationship didn’t stand long and they got divorced after six months of their marriage.


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Married with Erika Eleniak

May 22 , 1998

Philip married his wife Erika Eleniak on May 22, 1998. His wife was very beautiful as she was a former model and actress. Their marriage couldn't last long due to their internal conflicts and they got split from each other after six month of their marriage.