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Home Gossip Personal details and previously unknown interesting facts about Youtube star Judy Travis revealed

Personal details and previously unknown interesting facts about Youtube star Judy Travis revealed

Rabina Koirala Sun Jun, 2016
Personal details and previously unknown interesting facts about Youtube star Judy Travis revealed

Born on February 2, 1986, Judy Travis has come a long way. Six years ago, she did her first How-to video on YouTube. Today she is in the Million-viewers- club with more than 200 million views. She has almost 2500 videos uploaded on her YouTube channel. She is best known for her channel ItsJudyTime.

She has two other channels: one of which is a video blog channel and the other is a Spanish language beauty channel. ItsJudyTime focuses on beauty tips. ItsJudysLife chronicles her daily life with husband, Benji, and also features her daughter, Julianna.

She mostly posts about "First Impressions" of new beauty products and creates tutorials. A couple of her most popular videos are tutorials based on Selena Gomez's looks in her music videos. She, along with her husband, decided to start a Spanish-speaking channel to widen their audience. Travis first took notice of the huge Hispanic demographic within her subscribers and thought, “Why not?!”

Travis plans on continuing with product reviews. But according to this beauty, she feels herself “transitioning to Mommy things”.

Throughout the 6 years on YouTube, my life has changed so much! I’m now married with a house and 3 beautiful daughters. My passion is now my family! I like to think my viewers have also grown with me, and therefore will hopefully follow me in what’s to come”, she says.

She has also appeared at Seattle’s VloggerFair, a first-of-its-kind gathering of the Internet-famous and wannabe-Internet- famous people.

She is friends with Anna Saccone-Joly, another YouTube star, and both Anna and her husband Jonathan Saccone-Joly have appeared in Judy's videos.

Six years back, she was studying at the University of Washington when she posted a how-to hair video on YouTube. She started creating more videos due to popular demand. She thinks her straight-to-the-point videos made her stand out in the first place.

Though being watched by millions of people on her channel, Travis says that she doesn’t like the word 'famous'.

“Sometimes Benji will say that, and I cringe. I don’t know what it is about the word that I don’t like. I would consider myself well known on the Internet. But it’s almost like I’m accidentally well known. It’s not like it’s been a goal of mine. It just happened. To this day, Benji and I will wake up and say, “I can’t believe people watch us. Why do they watch us?” It’s honestly mind-boggling.” Travis quotes.


At the age of 30, she is the mother of three children named Julianna, Miyako, and Keira. She is married to her longtime boyfriend Benji Travis. This beauty guru must have had other affairs and even break up in her past. But even in her personal videos in her channel, she has not revealed much about them. Her net worth, however, has not been revealed till date, but if we had to make a tentative guess, we would say her net worth is around one million dollars.