Paul Pelosi's Wife Nancy Pelosi's Net Worth in 2018; Know Her Salary, Earnings, Properties, House, and Career

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Credited as 'One of the best speakers the House of Representatives has ever had' by former US President Barack Obama, Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro, professionally known as Nancy Pelosi, is an Amerian politician and a congresswoman. She currently is a Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives. At the house, she represents California's 12th congressional district. Beforehand, from 2007 to 2011 she also serves as the 52nd House Speaker. 

Today we are going to share with you some interesting details about Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's net worth, earnings, salary, and property. Continue reading to find out more:

Nancy Pelosi' Net worth, Salary, and Earnings

Nancy Pelosi, who is at the highest rank any female politician has ever reached in the history of America, is among the wealthiest congressmen in the United States with an estimated net worth of almost $100 million. Members of Congress are not required to reveal their net worth, but there are many sources which have claimed that her net worth is $100 million.

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Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi  Source: The Blaze

Back in 2014, she ranked 8th in the list of 25 wealthiest members of Congress with an estimated net worth of $101 million. However, other sources ranked her in the 15th place of 50 with an estimated net worth of $29.35 million.

There is still some debate when it comes to the net worth of the politician as her net worth has spiked by a massive 38% in just a few years.  However, the net worth does not come as a surprise as members of Congress are very wealthy and have an average net worth ranging from $14 million to $6 million in general. 

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Nonetheless, the 38th most powerful women of 2015, according to Forbes, has an annual salary of $3 million. There certainly is a drastic difference between her salary and net worth.

So, many sources link her net worth with her husband Paul Pelosi, who is an American businessman and has an estimated net worth of hundred million. The exact sum of her husband has not been revealed yet. 

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Her husband has invested in numerous fields including Apple, United Football League, Walt Disney, Facebook, and many others. 

The couple together has invested together in numerous fields, and they earn hundred thousands of dollars only by renting the real estate they own and another thousand of dollars from selling grapes grown at the vineyard they own. 

Nancy Pelosi' Property, House, and Assets

According to sources, Nancy along with her husband have invested $42.8 million (minimum) on assets and $13.5 million (minimum) on liabilities.

Nancy owns a mansion on Zinfandel Lane which is valued around $5 to $25 million. The house has been inspired by Palladian villas and features a Z shaped pool and a guest house. 

Nancy Pelosi high security Napa Valley Mansion

Nancy Pelosi high-security Napa Valley Mansion

Source: Economic Policy Journal

Moreover, while bashing current US President Donald Trump for his bill to built a wall on the border on Twitter, she has a property in Napa Valley which is surrounded by massive stones. She received a lot of clashes back for the hypocrisy. 

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Nonetheless, the Hillary Clinton supporter owns real estate in numerous places in the United States and some of them including in San Francisco, Norden, and many others. 

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Nancy Pelosi with 2016 Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton

Nancy Pelosi with 2016 Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton  Source: Breitbart

Moreover, according to a source, Nancy owns an Aston Martin luxury car which is worth $300 thousand. She also owns other fancy cars like Mercedes Benz

She is certainly one of the most powerful women in the United States with her wit and first-hand experience from her politically involved family. She sure is a woman to look after and to get inspired from.