Paul O'Neill said good-bye to his love Nevalee O'Neill. What were the reasons behind it?

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Paul O'Neill is a politician and served as the 72nd United States Secretary of the Treasury during the time of President George W. Bush. He is married to Nancy O, Neill. He is very committed towards his wife. According to his birth date (December 4, 1935), his age is 80 years.

He had been fired from his post for not agreeing to administration decision. Before being a Secretary of the Treasury, he was chairman and CEO of Pittsburgh- Based Industrial Corporation of the Rand Corporation
He began his public service commission computer system analyst with Veteran Administration. 

In 1989, he was approached by President George H.W Bush to be Secretary of Defense. He rejected and suggested the name of Dick Cheney for the position. He late, hold the post of an advisory on education board. In 1997, he with Karen Wolk Feinstein founded Pittsburgh Regional health Initiative. He is a co-leader of Pittsburgh’s Riverlife Task Force, the member of Carnegie Mellon University‘s Heinz College’s Dean’s Advisory Council.
He was chairman and CEO of the Pittsburgh industrial giant Alcoa 1987-1999 and retired chairman at 2000. During his as Treasury Secretary, he gave suggestion United Stated Federal budget deficit of more than US$ 500 billion. In fact, his stats report was correct, as himself being an economics graduate. the report suggested the-the failure of Financial administration. The report suggested that sharp tax increase, massive spending cuts, or both would be unavoidable if the United States were to meet future benefit.
In his book,The Price of Loyalty, that was published in 2004, he gives an insight into Bush administration.

He claims that Bush appeared somewhat not serious about financial and economic issues of the country.He further states that Bush administration had a debate was not “should we attack Iraq?” but rather “how do we go about attacking Iraq?”. The decision taken by Bush would not guarantee nation building endeavors during his tenure. His net worth is between $62-$103 million.