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Home Gossip Paul Blackthorne still Single or Married? Know Details of his Dating History, Affairs, Relationships

Paul Blackthorne still Single or Married? Know Details of his Dating History, Affairs, Relationships

Chandra Rana Tue Nov, 2017
Paul Blackthorne still Single or Married? Know Details of his Dating History, Affairs, Relationships

Paul Blackthorne, the famous English actor who gained high success in his career with Bollywood film Lagaan has been in the highlights in accordance with his extraordinary talent and his campaign to save wild animals. Paul, who is known as the TV series Arrow actor, has raised the curiosity to a height as he manages to keep his love life away from the eye of media.

Paul, after his split with Daryl Hannah, without any disclosed reason has raised issues regarding his love life. Has he been dating someone after his split or has he married?? Paul with his closeness with the actress, Kaley Cuoco has made him the center point of attraction. So, let's know the truth to his love-life and know if he in a relationship with her or is still single. Scroll down to know.

Paul Blackthorne's relationship Kaley Cuoco

Paul blessed with his talent and a handsome personality, probably have got the opportunity to date many beautiful ladies. So, the closeness of Paul and Kaley leads all to suspect their relationship. Paul and Kaley are friends from a long time, have they made the way to turn the friendship to love??

Well, Kaley after her divorcing her husband, Ryan Sweeting was seen cozy with the Arrow actor, and they were allegedly dating which was in the limelight back in 2015

Kaley Cuoco with her dog

Kaley Cuoco with her pet dog

Source: hawtcelebs


In an interview with Kaley's inside source, it was revealed that she was excited about the new issue in her life, but the answer made everyone in dilemma. Probably, it indicated her love life with Paul.

Kaley and Paul with their same interest, that is love for animals made them even closer. Kaley also shared her photo on Instagram supporting Paul's campaign to save the rhinos. 


Buy a Tee here in nxt 8 hrs 4 chance to win @kaleycuoco signed Tee... #KeepRhinosHorny For IG - see Represent link in my Bio @normancook Why Keep Rhinos Horny? Rhino poaching has increased massively in recent years. In 2007, 13 Rhinos were poached in South Africa. In 2014, 1200 Rhinos were poached. Presently a Rhino is being killed every 8 hours for its horn. Deaths will soon be overtaking births leading to one thing: EXTINCTION. The ridiculous thing about it, is that Rhino horn is made of the same thing as your FINGERNAILS. As far as I know fingernails don't cure cancer or make you the world's hottest lover, as is believed to be the case about Rhino horn in certain parts of the world (China, Vietnam, Thailand). I'm running this campaign because I want to help raise money for Air Shepherd. They have 'super computers' on the ground in South Africa that can predict the poachers' movements. They then send in drones to confirm that information. Once confirmed, they send in the Rangers and the poachers are arrested. Where the drones fly, the poaching STOPS. The more drones we get in the air, the more Rhinos we save. It's simple. 100% of the money raised from the Keep Rhinos Horny T-shirt is going to the Air Shepherd initiative. Thank you for your support. I love you The Rhinos love you Paul

A post shared by Paul Blackthorne (@paulblackthorne) on

The love issue, however, was neither accepted nor denied by Kaley or by Paul. So, the couple made the love issue even more serious and made everyone think the rumor to be true defining as a lovely couple.

But, Kaley in December 2016 came up with her new mysterious boyfriend. So, it made a shocking clearance that Kaley and Paul were not together in late 2016.


#rex is back [email protected]

A post shared by @normancook on

But what about the time up to early 2016?? Probably, they had split up due to some mishap or they were not in the love relationship from the beginning. Well, the answer is still in the mystery behind the silent lips of them. 

Really, love is mysterious and deeper to know!!

So, after 2016, has Paul, been in a relationship, well the answer is down there.

Paul Blackthorne's recent dating issue

Paul, who has successfully achieved his success with his surprising talent, doesn't hold back to surprise all in the off-screen life. Well, you may have guessed the fact by now. Yeah, he is in a relationship but is not married yet.

Paul is not only in a loving relationship with his girlfriend, but also he has taken his love further in the relationship as he is engaged to his girlfriend. Paul even shared his Insta post with her captioning her as his fiance.


Day at the races with my beautiful fiancé #GloriousGoodwood #200quidup #Quitwhileyoureahead

A post shared by Paul Blackthorne (@paulblackthorne) on

But, Paul, however, has not given details about his relationship with his girlfriend nor the date of his engagement, maybe he got engaged in June and posted to inform about his relationship status. Adding the strength to the mystery, Paul also has not revealed the name of his girlfriend.

The couple: Paul and his mysterious girlfriend, is seen actively together since January of 2017, so probably they met back in late 2016 and surprisingly it was the time when Kaley came with her new boyfriend. 

Paul and his fiance seems deep in love with each other and often seen together with a blissful smile on their face.


Sailing the seas with these lovely ladies. Accompanied by a majestic Minke whale too. A glorious afternoon in #California

A post shared by Paul Blackthorne (@paulblackthorne) on


She was here just a minute ago...

A post shared by Paul Blackthorne (@paulblackthorne) on

Paul with his fiance and a baby girl, enjoying the memorable moments probably have made all to guess that the couple might have shared the parenthood of a baby-girl without marriage. Well, your guess sadly goes off the target.

Even though Paul is seen with a baby girl, the girl is not actually his child as he considers her as his goddaughter. Well, the love story goes in the flow for Paul and seems Paul and his fiance are not in a hurry to tie the knot, till then, let's wish and wait for the happy news of marriage the couple.

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Quick facts about Paul Blackthorne:

Who is Paul Blackthorne's previous girlfriend?

Paul Blackthorne's previous girlfriend is Daryl Hannah.

Who is Paul Blackthorne's present girlfriend?

Paul Blackthorne's current girlfriend is Kaley Cuoco.