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Home Gossip Patrick Dempsey married to wife 26 years older than him; Now lives with his second wife and children

Patrick Dempsey married to wife 26 years older than him; Now lives with his second wife and children

Sandip Dangal Sun Jan, 2017
Patrick Dempsey married to wife 26 years older than him; Now lives with his second wife and children

The well-reputed American actor and race car driver Patrick Dempsey is best known for his roles in the TV series Grey's Anatomy where he played a role of a neurosurgeon Dr. "McDreamy" Shepherd. The famous TV series also starred some of the famous actors like Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, T.R. Knight and more others.

The 51-year-old actor is married twice. He was married to his first wife Rocky Parker since 1987 to 1994 while he married his second wife Jillian Fink in 1999 and the relation is still continuing.

Want to know about his married life? Stay with us.

Patrick married life with his first wife Rocky

The very famous Grey's Anatomy actor Dempsey was in a 6-year married relation with his first wife Rocky to whom he was married in 1987. Rocky Parker was an American actress having a real name Rochelle Natalie Parker. She died on April 19, 2014, in LA, California.

Patrick with his first wife Rocky

Caption: Patrick with his first wife Rocky

Source: Gossip Rocks

There was a huge age difference of 26 years between the couple. Rocky in actual was Dempsey's manager and acting coach at the time when they built their relation. Before they got married, Dempsey and Rocky dated for about a year after getting together in 1986.

They didn't give birth to any child during their 6-year long married relation which ended in 1994 after a divorce. Patrick Dempsey was alleged to have assaulted his late first wife Rocky Parker as she said,

He wanted to see what it was like to beat up a woman

According to the Sun on Sunday article, Rocky claimed their marriage was ruined after Patrick left her for another woman. She wrote:

While we were on the set of his (1987) movie Can’t Buy Me, Love, he beat me up because he claimed he ‘wanted to see what it was like to beat up a woman!’ I now suffer from arthritis in my hand from where Respondent injured me.

She added

The physical abuse included Respondent breaking my finger when he rushed me to a van and closed the door on my finger.

Patrick married life with second wife Jillian Fink

Actor Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink have been married for 17 long years. The couple started dating after getting together in 1998 and they dated for 1 year before they got married on 31st July 1999. The couple is blessed with 3 children, Tallulah Fyfe (14), Sullivan Patrick (9), and Darby Galen (9).

Patrick  with his second wife Jillian

Caption: Patrick  with his second wife Jillian

Source: Hollywood Life

Patrick's wife Jillian filed for divorce after a 15-year long relation in early 2015. The couple told people in a statement:

It is with careful consideration and mutual respect that we have decided to end our marriage. Our primary concern remains the wellbeing of our children, and we ask with profound gratitude that you respect our family's privacy at this very sensitive time.

Patrick and wife Jillian with their children Tallulah, Sullivan and Darby  out in Malibu

Caption: Patrick and wife Jillian with their children Tallulah, Sullivan, and Darby  out in Malibu

Source: Star kiddo

The couple, however, didn't part ways as they decided to reunite after a year later they filed for divorce. A source told People magazine about their reunion.

Patrick and Jillian plan on being a family again. For the past year, Patrick and Jillian have been working on getting to where they are right now. They are not dating anyone else, and only each other.

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The couple is now spending their good time with their children in their home in Los Angeles. Patrick has been a good father and husband and we hope he continues to do so. We wish all the very best for the couple.