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Home Gossip Parker Schnabel on whether or not he will be a part of Gold Rush season 7; Know about his latter seasons

Parker Schnabel on whether or not he will be a part of Gold Rush season 7; Know about his latter seasons

Richa Fri May, 2016
Parker Schnabel on whether or not he will be a part of Gold Rush season 7; Know about his latter seasons

There were great debate and confusion among the people in 2015 for whether their favorite Parker Schnabel would be present or not in the season 7 of the Gold Rush.

He himself was not sure with any confirmation whether he would have been a part of the season 7 or not. The season 8th of the Gold Rush has already ended well for Parker but, during the 7th season, he was even unsure as to whether start for the show. Let's get back in time, and look at what the miner has to say for his involvement on the season 7 of Gold Rush. 

Parker Schnabel's Interview on his involvement  in Season 7

The Big Nugget miner Parker Schnabel during an interview talked about his involvement in the season 7 of the famed Discovery show, Gold Rush, to the media outlets. He mentioned working in Gold Rush was a great experience in his life and this also made him obtain a great bonding with Todd Hoffman in real. 

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He was highly inspired by his grandfather to work in the entertainment channel. He was also offered with many jobs with his good ranking in academic studies within restaurants and departmental stores along with a business company but he did not look at any of those professions and went into gold mining as his professional career.

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YouTube: Gold Rush Season 6 Highlights

Therefore, from an early age, he started earning great and Gold Rush was a good platform for him to illustrate his capability. But the rumor is that he is busy with his new schedule and project, therefore, he might not get time to be a part of the 7th season but there is not a clear fact in this regard.

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Schnabel, who has a busy schedule, is also exclusive on social sites as he keeps on posting his busy time with his works. His latest tweet was about his request in celebration of John Schnabel’s life received a good feedback from his fans. With his private life profile, there has not been any exclusive information about his affair and girlfriends, however, we are very sure that he is not married yet. He seems to get busy in social charity side by side and associated with some fine organizations related to street children.

Join us this Friday, April 1 for a special episode celebrating John Schnabel's life.

— Gold Rush (@Gold_Rush) March 28, 2016

Even though Parker was unsure to start on the 7th season, he appeared in the show and finished with just over 4300 ounces of gold worth over $5 million

YouTube: Parker Schnabel's 7th season Highlights

Parker Schnabel's Latter Seasons in Gold Rush

Parker and his team walked away with as much as 4300 ounces of gold worth over $5 million in the 7th season of Gold Rush. After that, he was again cast alongside Hoffman on the season 8th of the show. During his 8th season, he set out 5000 ounces as his season goal. 

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The 8th season was great for Parker as he got what he hoped for. He raked up to record-breaking earnings on the season with a whopping $7.2 million as his earnings. 

YouTube: Parker Schnabel's 23rd Birthday 

As for the 9th season of Gold Rush, it is yet to start as 2018 is still to get to October. The new season will start with Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness, and Tony Beets. The fan-favorite Todd Hoffman won't be the part of the show on the 9th season of the show.